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FontFont Subsetter is a tool for optimizing and customizing Web FontFonts in three easy steps. The free service — found at — lets you significantly reduce file sizes of your Web FontFonts to reduce bandwidth costs and make your websites faster.

Subsetter allows you to strip out extraneous glyphs and data that you may not need, like unused language characters, punctuation marks, and kerning information. It will create a new, lighter webfont file tailored to each unique website.

Smaller files mean faster websites and a better user experience. Dropping inessential characters from a webfont can make a big difference in the long term. It also gives designers the opportunity to use more font styles with less of an impact on speed and bandwidth.

Smaller files are less expensive too. As a website becomes more popular they cost more to host and maintain. Every bit of saved bandwidth saves money.

Three Easy Steps

FF Subsetter optimizes fonts in three simple steps:

  • Upload a Web FontFont.
  • Strip out glyphs and data that may not be needed for a particular site, like unused language characters, punctuation marks, and kerning.
  • Download your optimized font file.

File sizes can be reduced up to 90% and the new fonts are instantly usable on the web, just like the originals.

FF Subsetter is a free tool for any licensed Web FontFont user. We’re thrilled to offer this new service to you. 

Switch Between Numeral Styles

Our latest Web FontFonts even allow you to use Subsetter to choose between proportional oldstyle figures and tabular lining figures. This tutorial explains how.

Further Web FontFont Improvements

Smaller Webfonts, Better Vertical Metrics, Optimized Rendering Behaviour

In February 2010 we released Web FontFonts, becoming the first major foundry to offer fonts in WOFF, the format which is now supported by all major browsers and has become the webfont standard. We started with a simple pay-once licensing model and optimized every font for the best possible display across platforms. To celebrate the broad WOFF support (with just released version of Safari), our Type Department further improved the files, by making them up to 60% smaller, with better vertical metrics for consistent baseline positions in all browsers as well as additional optimization for new versions of Windows. Upgraded files are available at no additional cost.

Thank you for helping keep the web beautiful.

(Subsetter also works with Office FontFonts (.ttf) in order to embed subsetted versions of these fonts as mentioned in our EULA under 2.2. Embedding.)



Web FontFonts are high quality, screen-optimized fonts designed specifically for web use.

Created in collaboration with Tim Ahrens and FontShop, the legendary FontFonter was developed as the first free tool to allow anyone to try and preview Web (Font)Fonts on any website.

FontShop’s completely new WebFonter will succeed FontFonter as an even better tool to make the web design process as seamless as possible.

With it, you can now try and test Web FontFonts together with the tens of thousands of webfonts available from in any existing site. You can replace headline or body text, specific fonts, or, using custom CSS selectors, anything you want with a typeface of your choosing.

WebFonter can be used during the design and development process – a critical time for typeface choice. The target website does not need to be publicly accessible in order to test-drive webfonts. This hugely important feature marries well with the current web design trend towards designing directly in the browser.

The WebFonter is available for free as a Chrome extension, browser bookmarklet or by entering a URL directly at