Über FontFont FF Hydra

June 8th, 2015

FF Hydra

Inspired by 19th and early 20th century French poster lettering, Silvio Naploeone set out to create a typeface that would embrace the whimsical style of that period with a contemporary lilt. When he started sketching what was to become his FF Hydra family, he began with a condensed sans serif and started playing around with the stroke connections. FF Hydra was born and the name comes from the serpent-like shapes that are formed when the strokes in the letters join together. 

The name Hydra is given to fierce, multi-headed water serpents in Greek mythology that ravaged cattle herds and terrorized the countryside. It was a rather wild beast, if one of its heads was cut off, two new heads appeared.

Hugely versatile, FF Hydra one of our favourite hidden FontFont treasures. The Regular style provides impact with an economy of width, creating a unique overall impression. The Expanded version is suitable for longer blocks of text. Other elements of the FF Hydra design are the characteristic soft ink trap connections, oldstyle figures, and true italics.


FF Hydra