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Über FontFont FF Basic Gothic

Next up in our Über FontFont series is Hannes von Döhren and Livius F. Dietzel’s functional and versatile FF Basic Gothic. Released in 2010, Hannes and Livius took inspiration from the letterforms of Gill Sans and Antique Olive to come up with a sans serif that was optimized for maximum legibility. At first glance it has a strikingly stripped back appearance but on closer inspection the precise, refined curves and straight lines add a touch of finesse. 

Über FontFonts are typefaces that have been in demand the most during the last three months. 

FF Basic Gothic


Über FontFont FF Child’s Play

Über FontFonts are typefaces that have been in demand the most during the last three months. 

FF Childs Play

This quarter we welcome FF Child’s Play by John Critchley to the Über FontFont hall of fame. Frozen in time, FF Child’s Play is a collection of unique typefaces that are based on the handwriting of children aged between five and ten years old. Featuring a special dingbat font composed entirely of children’s drawings and a series of paint effects, it’s a firm favorite among children’s authors and illustrators. 

FF Childs Play

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Über FontFont FF Kava

For the latest in our Über FontFont series we celebrate the rather delightful FF Kava! This soft sans serif family is a revised version of Yanone Kaffeesatz, a typeface which became one of the most successful free fonts since Yanone released it about ten years ago.

Originally reminiscent of the old coffee house grotesk typefaces from the 1920s when shown in its heavier weights, the current FF Kava has become a more rounded version of the old Yanone Kaffeesatz. This contemporary family has a black weight, small caps and italics all designed to enhance its versatility thus resulting in an attractive, flexible and modern typeface perfect for our Über FontFont collection.

FF Kava


ÜberFontFont FF Bau

For the next in our ÜberFontFont series we celebrate the great all rounder that is FF Bau! A family described as a workhorse, this sans serif by Christian Schwartz is inspired by the Grotesk families from the Schelter & Giesecke foundry in Leipzig, Germany.

Designed by Schwartz as a revival of S&G’s Grotesks, the Regular, Medium, and Bold are drawn directly from S&G sources, whereas the Super weight was created for situations where subtlety would not be required. Recognised by the 2004 International Society of Typographic Designers awards the family first entered into the FontFont library back in 2002.

A reliable and versatile family FF Bau works brilliantly across a huge variety of mediums. From university projects, posters and magazines to websites and book covers the Grotesk inspired typeface really is a great go-to no matter the occasion, making it a perfect candidate for our ÜberFontFonts!


FF Bau Showing


FF Bau in use

It’s Time for Action (There’s No Option). About Feminism by Mercedes Bunz, Maria E Buszek, Katy Deepwell and Amelia Jones. JRP|Ringier, 2007.


ÜberFontFont FF Nexus

For the first ÜberFontFonts of 2014 we take a look at FF Nexus.

Nexus Showing

The hottest superfamily of the moment (and the highest climbing in our popularity charts) is the creation of Martin Majoor, the designer of FontFont favourites FF Scala and FF Seria. When Martin designed FF Scala and FF Scala Sans between 1988 and 1994, the idea was to design a serif, humanistic typeface from which a sans serif version would be derived. Martin called it: ‘two typefaces, one form principle.’ This became the basis of his type design philosophy. However ten years later he expanded it to ‘three typefaces, one form principle’, a Serif, a Sans and a Slab – and so the FF Nexus type system was born, consisting of FF Nexus Serif, FF Nexus Sans, the slab-like FF Nexus Mix – plus the additional monospaced FF Nexus Typewriter.

‘FF Nexus is, in my opinion, the best typeface I have created so far,’ says Majoor. ‘With FF Nexus Mix, I introduced a third family member in my type design philosophy, and I am happy that this slab version is not a stand-alone typeface; it feels best when accompanied by serif and sans.’

And as one of our top rated ÜberFontFonts, it is clear that FontFont users agree!

Nexus Principle

Nexus Italic

Nexus In-Use

Warsaw Autumn Festival 2008 booklet designed by Martin Majoor.