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ÜberFontFont FF Sero

Every three months we name our highest climbing fonts in the popularity charts for the past quarter. We call these our ÜberFontFonts.

American Grotesque in form with the legibility of a Humanist Sans, Jörg Hemker’s second FontFont release, FF Sero is the latest chart topping star addition to the ÜberFontFont collection.

Seven years in the making, the striking and classic letterforms beautifully matured into a flexible and versatile typeface containing eight harmonized weights and an extensive character set. Additional language support including Greek and Cyrillic  are also included. The top climber in the popularity font stakes, FF Sero has indeed proven to be every bit worth the while.



ÜberFontFont FF QType

Based on a square, FF QType is the latest rising star of our library – our so-called ÜberFontFont for the past quarter.

Traversing the somewhat tricky balance between pure geometry and legibility, FF QType is the brainchild of Achaz Reuss. It contains a vast 20 styles comprising of five subfamilies (Compressed, Condensed, Semi Extended, Extended and Square) each with five weights.

Following firm rules, it is geometric yet optically balanced; the horizontals are thinner than the verticals. The E and C terminals are at angle giving the typeface a lively, more playful character. 

FF Q Type

FF Q Type

FF Q Type


ÜberFontFont FF Zine

Last year we began a regular series on ÜberFontFonts, the rising stars of our library, that have been in demand the most during the previous quarter.

The last three months of 2012 were full to bursting with another release, a brand new podcast and our first ever newsletter. Topping the typographic charts the last quarter was Ole Schäfer’s FF Zine – a dedicated display system offering multiple “atmospheres”.

FF Zine



After three jam-packed months that included another release, a whole host of interviews and numerous in-use cases; the time has come again to announce our ÜberFontFonts (the rising stars of our library) for the previous quarter.

ÜberFontFonts Q3 2012

Our top three ÜberFontFonts are:

FF Strada by Albert Pinggera is a curvaceous and humane sans serif full of versatility. With three sub-families and a number of updates and developments, it is one of our bestsellers and an award winner.

FF Amman, by Yanone, is a bi-script family that supports both Arabic and Latin script. It is one of the largest Arabic–Latin typeface families designed to date, and one of the very few where both the Arabic and the Latin characters were drawn from scratch by the same designer at one time.

FF Pitu is one of our most swashy serifs, with pronounced stroke modulation and blade-shaped stroke endings. Its calligraphic loveliness makes it a beautiful display face. Part of our Collection tier, a selection of cost effective typographical treasures offered as full-families with OpenType feature support, FF Pitu Pro is only €59 for three weights.

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Every three months, we announce our top three fonts that have climbed up the popularity charts the most, during the last quarter. We call them our ÜberFontFonts.

There’s been a flurry activity here at FontFont, from our latest release FF 59, which includes the highly successful new designs FF Scuba, FF Chartwell and FF Tisa Sans, to the whole host of new features and functionality that we’ve recently added our website. We’re already halfway through the year (yes, we can’t quite believe it!), so it’s now time to announce our ÜberFontFonts for this quarter.

ÜberFontFonts Q2 2012

Our top three ÜberFontFonts for the second quarter of 2012 are:

FF Super Grotesk by Svend Smital is based on a 1930s design by Arno Drescher, the web version of FF Super Grotesk has been particularly popular recently.

The lovable and highly expressive FF Letterine family, which includes FF Letterine, FF Letterine Esagerate, FF Letterine TeatroFF Letterine Archetipetti One and FF Letterine Archetipetti Two by Alessio Leonardi is also climbing the charts and is one of our FF Collection Tier typefaces, a range of affordable priced full family packages (all the weights and font families for an all-inclusive price).

Last but by no means least, our third and final ÜberFontFont for this quarter is the Web FontFont of FF Speak by Jan Maack.

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Trending FontFonts 1st Quarter 2012

2011 was a bumper year of releases, from Nina Stössinger’s exceptionally successful FF Ernestine to Ludwig Übele's exquisite FF Tundra, our library is full of typographical treats for you to feast on. 

To keep you up to date with the latest trending fonts, every quarter we will announce our ÜberFontFonts.

ÜberFontFonts are the rising stars of the library, that have been in demand the most during the last quarter. So now you will never miss a FontFont typographical trend!

Our ÜberFontFonts for the first quarter of 2012 were: