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FontFont sponsors TYPO Berlin 2012 – Win a ticket

TYPO Berlin 2012

For over sixteen years, the TYPO Conferences have attracted experts and pioneers from around the world to discuss the latest developments in communication and design. The next TYPO Berlin will take place from 17–19 May, and we are delighted to announce that we will be sponsoring this year’s conference. We are very excited as we have three tickets to give away. Keep reading to find out how you can win.

The theme for 2012 is Sustain and over the course of three days high profile speakers including Ruedi Baur, Elliot Jay Stocks, Kirsten Dietz, Jan Teuen, Matthew Butterick, Jessica Hische, Andreas Uebele, and many more, will take to the stage to discuss sustainability, design, typography, education and designing for the future.

The fabulous Nina Stössinger, designer of FF Ernestine will be speaking on The Importance of being Ernestine, an account of her journey into the jungle of typeface design and the story of the first public release of her font family FF Ernestine. Also representing FontFont, our very own Head of our Type Department, Andreas Frohloff. He will be running his much appreciated workshop on Calligraphy.

As a sponsor, we're delighted to offer three people the chance to win a ticket to attend the  three day conference. To enter the competition all you have to do is answer the three following questions…

  • In what country was Nina Stössinger born?
  • Name one of Andreas Frohloff's favourite bands.
  • Which font did we choose for this week’s FF Collection Typelover Tuesday?

Little tip, have a read of our website, our Twitter and Facebook pages (wink wink nudge nudge). To enter just leave a comment below with your answers, don't worry your answers will be hidden until we announce the winner. Closing date: Thursday 3 May 2012. We will announce the winners on Friday 4 May. Good Luck!  


Faces and characters in our Type Department

 Our Type Department
The FontFont Type Department (l-r: Jens, Andreas, Inka, Christoph)

Have you ever wanted to find out about the faces and characters in our Type Department? In January, for our ‘Not Quite An Annual Report’ we interviewed Andreas, Christoph, Inka and Jens, to find out about their favorite FontFonts, their taste in music and what their biggest challenges last year were. Here’s the interview in full.

Andreas Frohloff | Head of Type Department

  • If you were a FontFont which one would you be and why?

FF Amman because the family is well designed in the sense that it’s not so digital smooth and glossy. The characters of the fonts have character :)

FF Amman

  • What’s your favorite music?

I like a broad range of music e.g. Jethro Tull, Neil Young, Keb’ Mo’ or Norah Jones …

  • What was the biggest challenge for you in 2011?

The biggest challenge was to successfully perform the calligraphy workshops at TYPO London.

Inka Strotmann | Chief Font Technician

  • If you were a FontFont which one would you be and why?

I would be FF Schmalhans Bold. FF Schmalhans is a very condensed typeface with a large x-height and was first drawn in the 70s. Like me, I was born in the 70s. I have wide legs, I am not really fat but I am broad in the beam so I look like condensed bold. Schmalhans is very clear and I am also very straight in the things I like to do.

FF Schmalhans

  • What’s your favorite music?

My favorite band is, for over 20 years now, Current 93.

  • What was the biggest challenge for you in 2011?

I had to draw my first uppercase German double s. It will be interesting to see if this glyph will be used and which form will be the favorite.

My big private event in this year was my first individual time trial. I trained a lot with my triathlon bike to achieve a good result and I was very happy with my time at the end.

Christoph Koeberlin | Font Technician

  • If you were a FontFont which one would you be and why?

FF Quadraat Sans SC Web Pro Condensed Extralight Italic, DirectWrite rendered at 31 px—for obvious reasons!

FF Quadraat Sans

  • What’s your favorite music?

Gebrüder Marx, currently.

  • What was the biggest challenge for you in 2011?

Answering these questions!

Jens Kutilek | Font Technician

  • If you were a FontFont which one would you be and why?

I actually had to ask my wife about this, it’s always hard to compare yourself to something like a typeface … I would be FF Spinoza. At first sight, it looks quite sober and not very fancy, but once you get to know it better, you will discover interesting details and how it can take you a long way. I’m also more book than display type. FF Spinoza

  • What’s your favorite music?

My all-time favorite band has to be The Magnetic Fields, for their stylistic experiments and unparalleled lyrical wit. Earlier this year I kept listening to the various Johnny Cash concerts recorded in prisons. It was fascinating how different the atmosphere and performances were between them.

  • What was the biggest challenge for you in 2011?

To move into a new flat. I had completely forgotten how time-consuming and work-intensive that was.

To see the team in action, check out the following video:


New release: FF49

BERLIN, GERMANY, July 2009 - FSI FontShop International announced the latest additions to its award-winning FontFont® typeface library.

The new FontFonts

FF Dagny Pro

FF Dagny — In 2002, the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter (DN) changed from broadsheet to tabloid – a change that came along with a major impact on DN’s journalism, editing and design. Pangea design’s Creative Director, Örjan Nordling, had already worked with DN as a design consultant in 1996. In 2000, DN had been redesigned under the leadership of Dr. Mario Garcia. For the new design Nordling had created DN Bodoni exclusively for Dagens Nyheter. The change to tabloid called for a more compact setting and Pangea design was commissioned to produce a matching sans serif for Sweden’s largest daily newspaper. This became DN Grotesk which now has evolved into FF Dagny.

For the FontFont library Nordling and Göran Söderström made several adjustments, the contrast in stroke thickness was reduced for better legibility in small sizes and characters were redesigned together with the FontFont Type Department. The family now includes a range of consistent weights from Thin to Black making it perfect for use in body text and all kind of other applications. The name Dagny is an abbreviation of Dagens Nyheter as well as an old nordic female name meaning “new day”.

FF Duper Pro

FF DuperMartin Wenzel’s original idea from 1998 evolved into a kind of informal FF Profile in the end. The new FF Duper has a home-made touch, but provides of course all typographic qualities of a contemporary OpenType font. FF Duper consists of Regular, Bold, Regular Italic and Bold Italic weights, supports more than 60 languages, has several figure sets and fractions and includes alternative forms for a, g and y as well as a set of arrows, bullets and ornaments. And there is a special extra: All weights contain three versions of each glyph and via an OpenType feature the three alternatives are used in succession, treating vowels and consonents separately and recognizing even spaces between words for a lively and hand-made appearance of the typed text. Preliminary versions of the typeface have already been successful in education and school projects, but there are surely more areas where FF Duper perfectly fits in.

FF Kava Pro

FF Kava started out as a free typeface called Kaffeesatz, published by Yanone in 2004 during the early stages of his type designing career. The bold weight was reminiscent of coffeehouse grotesk typefaces of the 1920s, while the lighter versions were supposed to bridge the gap to contemporary type design.

The current FF Kava family is a carefully revised, more rounded version of the old Kaffeesatz fonts. A black weight has been added as well as small caps and more figure sets to form now an attractive modern and soft sans serif type family.

FF Unit Slab Pro 1

FF Unit® Slab: When Kris Sowersby, Christian Schwartz and Erik Spiekermann were designing the parameters for FF Meta Serif, they spent quite some time on details like the thickness and the shape of the serifs – should the face veer towards a slab with blocky, heavy serifs or should it be more of a traditional book face? In the end, they went for a “normal” serif face with fairly solid serifs, but some thick-thin contrast and counters that aren’t totally parallel to the outside shape of the letters. Stronger and thus more useful than Times New Roman while not as constructed as Rockwell.

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