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TDC Awards: FF Franziska microsite wins! Get 20% off.

FF Franziska

We are over the moon to announce that the microsite for FF Franziska ( has been recognised in the annual Type Directors Club (TDC) competition. The TDC is a leading international organisation, whose mission it is to promote and foster support for excellence in typography. 

Designed by Jakob Runge, FF Franziska started life a master thesis at Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel (Germany) under the guidance of Albert-Jan Pool and Prof. André Heers in 2012. A robust serif type family, it is great for setting body copy as well as headlines using Hairline and Black.

In celebration of this prestigious accolade, we are delighted to offer 20% off any weight or package from the FF Franziska family. Claim your discount now.*

*Please note, this discount is valid for one month only and applies only to the FF Franziska family.


FF Quixo and Receive Type Directors Club Recognition

We are excited to announce that the Type Directors Club (TDC) have given both the FF Mark microsite and  Frank Grießhammer’s FF Quixo a  “Certificate of Typographic Excellence” in their categories, with in the Communication Design category and FF Quixo in Typeface Design.


About the TDC Awards

The TDC annual competitions highlight the best in typographic work in both communication and typeface design the world over. To be awarded is considered a prestigious achievement within the typographic industry.

The TDC Typeface Design Competition is the seventeenth annual typeface design competition, where all winners will be included in the Annual of the Type Directors Club, Typography 35. Only 24 entries of nearly 200 submitted from 29 countries were selected by the jury.

Winners of the TDC Communication Design Competition receive the “Certificate of Typographic Excellence” and are included in the Annual of the Type Directors Club, Typography 35, as well as being shown at the 60th Awards Exhibition in New York. 209 entries out of over 2000 entries from 43 countries were selected in this years competition.

Furthermore, all sucessful entries of both competitions will be featured in seven exhibitions touring cities across the United States, Canada, France, England, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Spain, Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

About FF Mark and

Created with versatility in mind, FF Mark was devised by Hannes von Döhren, Christoph Koeberlin and the FontFont Type Department. Breaking from tradition with a family of 10 weights ranging from Hairline to Black FF Marks extreme weights are “engineered” to shine bright in large sizes and middle weights optimized for body copy., which marked the launch of the new typeface, was designed by the FontFont marketing team and developed by Rob Meek. Built with the aim of giving users a better understanding of the typeface the site gives an indepth insight into FF Marks look and feel on and offline, its background, examples and usage suggestions.

MarkAbout FF Quixo

FF Quixo is the brainchild of Frank Grießhammer’s graduation project at the Type and Media program at KABK Den Haag. Exploring pointed-pen calligraphy, he decided to take on the style in a more casual manner, interpreting the model with different-sized brushes.



TDC 2013: FF Chartwell

FF Chartwell

Travis Kochel’s groundbreaking typeface FF Chartwell that transforms strings of numbers into graphs and charts has been awarded one of the most highly regarded accolades in the typographic world – a ‘Certificate of Excellence in Typeface Design’ by the TDC.

The TDC (Type Directors Club) was founded in 1946 by some of the foremost leaders from the world of typography. Their mission is to support excellence in typography on screen and in print. Each year they run two annual type competitions, one for the use of type in design and the other for typeface design.

FF Chartwell

This year, there were almost 200 entries submitted from 33 countries and only 14 winners, so we are absolutely delighted that FF Chartwell and Travis have been recognized. The winning entries will be presented at the TDC Awards Exhibition in New York this summer. They will also be included in a further 7 exhibitions that will visit the United States, Canada, England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Russia, Spain, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam.

Previous TDC FontFont winners include FF Tundra, FF Absara, FF Clifford, FF Strada, FF Unit, FF Suhmo or FF Profile.


FontFont Sponsors TDC’s Type Masters Week Evening Lectures

We are proud to announce that we will be co-sponsoring TDC’s Type Masters Week Evening Lectures with our friends over at FontShop.

TDCThe Type Directors Club was founded in 1946 by leading figures in the world of typography. Its mission is to support and promote excellence in typography. They provide educational and informative events throughout the year and run two annual competitions, one for typeface design and one for the use of letterform and type in design.

The evening lectures during this year's Type Masters Week will feature Gail AndersonChange is Good??? (31 May), UnderwareKeep Dreaming (4 June) and David BerlowThe Future of Fonts Formats (5 June). You can now register online to attend. 


TDC 2012: FF Mister K Informal and FontBook

What a great start to 2012! One of our last year’s premiere releases, FF Mister K Informal has just been awarded the Certificate of Excellence in Typeface Design by the TDC (Type Directors Club)Congratulations to designer Julia Sysmäläinen, who spends hours and hours designing new typographic and graphic offspring to her popular FF Mister K family, with no end in sight.

FF Mister K Informal

FF Mister K Informal

FF Mister K is never really formal, but this K has even got the name “Informal” to emphasize the point. It is the most friendly looking K Family member for anyone who wants to make a personal, relaxed but also reliable impression. K Informal started in one of Franz Kafka’s Quart Notebooks with handwritten texts that look astonishingly clear. The letter forms are carefully placed line after line but still reveal the author’s characteristic writing style. The simple explanation is: These are final, rewritten texts.

The first version – loaded with heavy editing and correction marks – can be found elsewhere in Kafka’s literary remains. FF Mister K’s Regular and Onstage have many designer-friends. But they can be too unpredictable for down-to-earth target groups. So this clean and tidy looking offspring came to life – derived from Kafka’s stylistic repertoire and made for almost every user's needs.

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TDC2 2011: FF Suhmo and FF Tundra

Hearty congratulations to designer Alex Rütten for winning an award with his very first FontFont release, FF Suhmo. Rütten’s playful typewriter-style slab serif is one of two outstanding FontFont entries to receive a Certificate of Excellence in Type Design at this year’s TDC2 competition. FF Suhmo follows in a long line of FontFonts that have been crowned with Type Directors Club awards in the past, such as FF Strada, FF Unit, FF Absara or FF Profile. This year’s award also went to FF Tundra, designed by Ludwig Übele, who will also be publishing his latest design under the FontFont label soon … stay tuned for more on this. 

FF Suhmo
FF Suhmo, selected by the TDC to receive the Certificate of Excellence in Type Design 2011.

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TDC2 2007: FF Tisa

In 2007, Mitja Miklavčič’s Tisa typeface was among the winning entries in the traditional Type Directors Club type design competition. The TDC is an international organization for all people who are devoted to excellence in typography, both in print and on screen.

FF Tisa

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TDC2 2006: FF PicLig and FF Headz

Two FontFonts have been chosen by the Jury of TDC2 2006 to receive the Certificates of Excellence in Type Design:

FF PicLig

FF PicLig by Christina Schultz (Category Type Systems) and

FF Headz by Florian Zietz (Category Ornaments)


TDC2 2005: FF Absara

Big Honors for FontFonts


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TDC2 2004: FF Angkoon and FF Unit

FF Angkoon and FF Unit awarded Certificates of Excellence in type design by the Type Directors Club

The Type Directors Club Type Design Competition (TDC2) is widely regarded as the premiere venue for the world’s best in type design. The annual competition is judged each year by a new international panel of respected type designers. This year’s jury included Veronika Elsner, Josh Darden, Dmitry Krasny, Pablo Medina and Charles Nix. FF Angkoon, by [ Link missing ], and FF Unit, by Erik Spiekermann, were among the winners selected from more than 100 entries. The two FontFont originals will be published in Typography 25, the annual of the Type Directors Club, and will join a touring exhibit of typography to open this summer in New York City. The show will travel throughout North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and East Asia.

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