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The Making-Of: FF Quixo Notebooks

The second of our posts on the FF Quixo notebook provides an insight into its design, specifications and printing via hand drawn sketches and images taken throughout the production process.

Product Specifications

  • Notebook: 13 × 21cm, 64 pages Papyrus Recyconomic Pale Pink 80g/m², cover is printed in two Pantone colors (Pantone 184 & Pantone Violet) + Black.
  • Dust jacket: 52 × 84cm, Igepa Opakal 50g/m², 4 Pantone colors  (Pantone 184Pantone 705Pantone VioletPantone Yellow) + Black.
  • Printed at Gallery Print in Berlin.
  • Available at the TYPO San Francisco and TYPO Berlin.

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lineFF Quixo

Initial illustrations of creating a specimen poster that doubles up as a dust jacket. 

FF Quixo

Thoughts on different ways of folding the dust jacket around the notebook.

Calculations for potential sizing of the specimen poster.

Color adjustments at the printers.

First proof

Fine-tuning the color and pressure values.

Talented craftsmen from Gallery Print in Berlin.

Checking the colors.

Four Pantone colors + Black were used:
Black, Pantone 184, Pantone 705, Pantone Violet, Pantone Yellow.

Eagle eyes — Céline and Natalie check the proof

Céline holding the first proof.