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Best FontFonts for Book Text from our Collection Tier

They say that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Yet the choice of a typeface in a book can have a fundamental impact on the reader’s experience of the book. If a book’s text is too tight it can be tricky to read, if parts of the letters are too thin they can disappear off the page. In the third installment of our Collection Tier blog series, we tackle the typographic heights of book text and offer some handy hints and tips as well as a roundup of our chosen picks from our Collection Tier suitable for book text.

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FF Page

In long passages of running text – either in a book or magazine – make sure to select a typeface whose letters are not too tight. Maintaining an even rhythm is one of the most important factors in a good text face. The white spaces between the letters of a word or line should be about the same size, visually, as the white space inside the letters (like the letter ‘n’). In display faces, letters can be spaced much more tightly together.

Make sure that the thin strokes are just right! When you are printing small, the thickness of the thin parts of the letters must still be thick enough on the page so that it does not break away. Book faces tend to have some degree of contrast between thick and thin strokes. Just remember that the thick strokes should not be too thick, and that the thin strokes should not be too thin. Display types can pump up the contrast a lot more than text faces should.

Check the fonts’ OpenType feature availability. In immersive reading environments like books, oldstyle figures are both elegant and helpful. Lining figures can form a dark block, disturbing the even flow of a text. Small caps can be useful for acronyms, etc. – they help maintain a text’s consistent rhythm, too. Aside from making sure that the ‘f’ doesn’t collide with letters that come after it, ligatures aren’t really necessary in book text sizes. In display applications, though, ligatures can add a great note to a design. Larger-sized text allows plenty of room for ligatures to call attention to themselves.

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