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Best Collection FontFonts for Editorial and Publishing

Next up in our Collection FontFonts series we present our ‘Best Collection FontFonts for Editorial and Publishing’. Whether you’re looking for a fantastic font for your next bestselling book or a terrific typeface to match your message, here’s a look at our favorite Collection FontFonts for Editorial and Publishing and some hints and tips.

FF Handwriter and FF Beowolf

FF Handwriter and FF Beowolf

FF Holmen

FF Holmen

FF Extra and FF Typeface Four

FF Extra and FF Typeface Four

FF Rattlescript

FF Rattlescript

FF Wunderlich and FF Pitu and FF Stealth

FF Wunderlich and FF Pitu

FF Routes and FF Schmalhans

FF Route and FF Schmalhans

FF Mach and FF BeoSans

FF Mach and FF Beo Sans

FF Acanthus

FF Acantus

Typefaces used in editorial design typically call attention to themselves, but they should not appear so individual that they overpower the message of the text. The selections that you make will become the voice of your publication: this is your opportunity to be unique.

When it comes to editorial design and publishing, design work is usually done on a tight deadline. Your publication’s designers probably work in a larger layout team. Everyone on board needs to be able to make do with the typefaces they have at hand, so be sure to make selections that will provide them versatility, right off the bat. Larger families with many weights and widths are a good start. If you don’t want to pick a superfamily, consider serif and sans serif typefaces that can combine well together on the same page.

In this area of graphic design, designers have the freedom to pick type that is a little more elegant than in many other applications. Remember what makes a typeface appear classic – this could be a great time to look through selections with ‘low’ x-heights, especially if your page layout has room for text with long ascenders and descenders. There are many different kinds of serifs, too. Take the opportunity to pick one whose form matches your message, be it elegant, sharp or soft.

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After three jam-packed months that included another release, a whole host of interviews and numerous in-use cases; the time has come again to announce our ÜberFontFonts (the rising stars of our library) for the previous quarter.

ÜberFontFonts Q3 2012

Our top three ÜberFontFonts are:

FF Strada by Albert Pinggera is a curvaceous and humane sans serif full of versatility. With three sub-families and a number of updates and developments, it is one of our bestsellers and an award winner.

FF Amman, by Yanone, is a bi-script family that supports both Arabic and Latin script. It is one of the largest Arabic–Latin typeface families designed to date, and one of the very few where both the Arabic and the Latin characters were drawn from scratch by the same designer at one time.

FF Pitu is one of our most swashy serifs, with pronounced stroke modulation and blade-shaped stroke endings. Its calligraphic loveliness makes it a beautiful display face. Part of our Collection tier, a selection of cost effective typographical treasures offered as full-families with OpenType feature support, FF Pitu Pro is only €59 for three weights.

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ISTD Awards 2009: FF Mister K, FF Netto, and FF Pitu

ISTD Awards

The ISTD International TypoGraphic Award is the only international design award that specifically recognize typographic excellence across a broad range of design disciplines. The quality of work entered, and the reputation of companies and individuals taking part, is an expression of the status of the Awards.

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New release: FF45

Each FontFont release is newsworthy in its own right, but there is something especially momentous about this one: four brand new families, each one very different from the others; new styles for three of our most popular typefaces; and a dozen expertly crafted OpenType releases that breathe new life into FontFont classics.

FontFont Release 45

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