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Happy Birthday Franz Kafka from FF Mister K

FF Mister K

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Today is the 130th Birthday of one of the most significant writers of the 20th Century, Franz Kafka. Although many of his works were actually published posthumously against his wishes, Kafka has become a highly influential voice in literature renowned for his exploration of the themes of alienation, transformation and brutality.

A person called K appears in a number of his novels and the manuscripts of Kafka’s two best known novels The Castle and The Trial were the source of inspiration for type designer Julia Sysmäläinen, creator of the typeface FF Mister K. Sysmäläinen manages to capture the essence of Kafka’s erratic somewhat eccentric script, whilst maintaining a balanced typographic rhythm. Part of the FF Mister K family, FF Mister K Informal has a slightly more friendly, readable appearance and FF Mister K Dingbats contains a wide range of pictograms, from animals, plants, stars, famous buildings, faces to food and much more.

Another tribute to Franz Kafka is this beautiful video by Pablo Delcán and Peter Mendelsund.




FF Mister K exhibition in Berlin

FF Mister K

On Friday, 21st September, over 80 graphic designers from in and around Berlin met at the Mota Italic Gallery for the opening of Julia Sysmäläinen’s exhibition, ‘Mister K and Franz Kafka’. Charting the tale of the ‘Real Travels of Mister K’, the exhibition focuses on how Franz Kafka’s handwriting developed and evolved over time, as well as on Sysmäläinen’s process behind reincarnating it in digital form as the FF Mister K typeface. 

 FF Mister K

The exhibition is both two-dimensional and three-dimensional. Featured work includes a number of recent books whose covers or jackets were designed with FF Mister K, as well as jewellery, prints, objects and typographic installations. Sysmäläinen produced a small booklet to accompany the exhibition, ‘Too long to tweet’ which features texts from many of Berlin’s most active type designers (and Twitter users).

FF Mister K

Julia Sysmäläinen (left) during the opening

The exhibition was originally scheduled to run through the end of October, but, due to its popularity, has been extended until 9th November. The Mota Italic Gallery is located in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg district, and is open Mondays to Saturdays from noon to 6 pm.


FF Mister K & Franz Kafka Exhibition

FF Mister K

We are delighted to announce that FF Mister K, designed by Julia Sysmäläinen, will be featured in an upcoming exhibition at the Mota Italic Gallery in Berlin.

Charting the tale of the “Real Travels of Mister K”, the exhibition includes a focus on how Franz Kafka’s handwriting developed and evolved over time, and the process by which it was reincarnated in digital form as the FF Mister K typeface.

The featured work includes a collection of books – like the Mendelsund series by Schocken and the new Too Long to Tweet – as well as prints, objects and typographic installations that reflect the energetic, vibrant, humorous and above all eccentric nature of Kafka and FF Mister K.

If you are in Berlin between September 17 and October 27, be sure to check out the exhibition, or attend the official opening party with Sysmäläinen and the Mota Italic crew on Friday 21 September.

About Mister K

Franz Kafka’s manuscripts had such a profound impact on Julia Sysmäläinen that she undertook the difficult task of capturing his handwriting in a digital typeface. FF Mister K combines Kafka’s unusually strong calligraphic characteristics with a hefty array of OpenType features, delivering a powerful script font. First released in 2008, FF Mister K was successively extended by an additional typeface, FF Mister K Informal, in 2011. The design has already received several awards, including a Certificate of Excellence in Type Design from the TDC in 2012. Sysmäläinen is a Finnish graphic and type designer, based in Berlin.


New release: FF51

BERLIN, GERMANY, December 2009 – FSI FontShop International announced the latest additions to its award-winning FontFont® typeface library.

The new FontFonts

FF Yoga Pro
FF Yoga Sans Pro

Xavier Dupré’s FF Yoga family is a type system conceived to work for newspapers and magazines thanks to its strong personality and good legibility. The Serif weights with their sturdy serifs are a good choice for body text, but they also serve as an original headline face with their subtly chiseled counters inspired by blackletters. FF Yoga mixes the harshness of blackletters with the balanced rhythm and round shapes of the Garalde typefaces. FF Yoga Sans is a contemporary alternative to Gill Sans and a sober companion to Yoga Serif.

FF Mister K Dingbats OT

FF Mister K Dingbats are the newcomers to Julia Sysmäläinen’s FF Mister K family, a script typeface based on Franz Kafka’s manuscripts. It started with Finnish illustrator Oili Kokkonen creating some pretty funny cartoon characters using letterforms of FF Mister K Regular. Soon after, the design of almost 600 pictograms was on its way. All are based on glyph parts of the Regular with which they make a very good match.

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