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FF Marselis In-Use: Brussels Airport

In January 2014 Brussels Airport revealed their new identity developed by Megaluna, the branding and design leg of multidisciplinary agency The Factory Brussels. In the last one-and-a-half years the appearance of the airport has been changing, gradually incorporating the new branding in the architecture as well as in the posters, displays and other visual supports. While the previous identity focused on the efficient and rational aspect of the airport, the new one stresses its human and convivial character. The team led by Creative Director Vincent Knecht developed a logo that translates these qualities. The red stylized ‘B’ which stands for both Brussels and Belgium can be interpreted in different ways – either as a bird in flight, symbol for the aviation sector and dynamism, or as a heart. This heart refers to the efforts made by the airport to put the customer at the heart of its activities, efforts which are echoed in the major renovations of the airport buildings and improvements in the infrastructure.

Comparison between the old (top) and new (bottom) logo of Brussels Airport

To emphasize this change in approach and attitude Megaluna selected FF Marselis as the new corporate typeface. Jan Maack’s idiosyncratic humanist sans serif – now part of a super family thanks to the addition of FF Marselis Slab – replaces the more corporate-like Corpid. Its warm, soft and curvy features are a radical departure from the neutral, matter-of-factly or more technical-looking alphabets usually found in airports. The typeface works very well from gigantic display sizes, where the curved diagonals and typical teardrop-shaped counters define its personality, down to the smallest body text. FF Marselis is used in the logo as well; Art Director Patrick Hannaert slightly customized the bottom of the ‘r’ and the top of the ‘i’ to better integrate the dot, while respecting the rounded shapes of the typeface.

The new identity of Brussels Airport is striking, and beautifully illustrates the versatility of FF Marselis. It also makes a strong case for corporate branding, specifically for such a large entity, to look less “corporate”. There are many more lesser-known and lesser-used gems in the FontFont library waiting to be (re)discovered.

The new logo for Brussels Airport applied on the building as a giant sticker

Detail of the new logo for Brussels Airport being applied on the building as a giant sticker

Pin with the new logo for Brussels Airport

The new logo for Brussels Airport applied on a lanyardPoster using FF Marselis and featuring the new logo of Brussels Airport

Lit sign in Brussels Airport with FF Marselis

Photography by The Factory Brussels and Yves Peters.


New Release: FF 63

Our latest release FF 63 not only contains a beautiful new Slab addition to the FF Marselis family but it also marks a new era in licensing for FontFont.


New License
We want you to spend your time making sure the typeface is the perfect fit for your project. To make it as easy as pie to get the font you need, we’re launching a brand new license, App+.

Comprehensive, affordable and available online, it’s now really simple to license FontFonts for apps, games, editable PDFs and more.

Whether you want to use FF DIN in a mobile app, enhance a car interface with FF Meta or embed your PowerPoint presentation with FF Scala, with App+ you can. What’s more, you don’t need to buy a license for every app or device, the one App+ license will cover them all. So, using FontFonts just got even easier and frustration-free!

FF Marselis Slab

New Design
FF Marselis Slab is the newest addition to Jan Maack’s FF Marselis superfamily. With revised letterforms and rounded inner corners to make the serifs more subtle, the Slab version also has more closed counters, a slightly reduced horizontal thickness and uneven diagonals compared to the Sans. FF Marselis and FF Marselis Slab are highly practical typefaces apt for corporate identities and numerous other branding projects.

Bundle and Save

Bundle and save
Now, when you purchase any combination of OpenType, Office, or Web FontFont formats from the same typeface family. Make sure you have every format you need for all present and future projects and save money too!



New release: FF 60

How quickly the time has flown since FF 59, we can’t quite believe it is release time again. With two new designs, two extensions and a myriad of updates we are delighted to introduce our latest release, FF 60.

The new designs

FF Marselis  

FF Marselis FF Marselis

From the designer of FF Cube and FF Speak comes FF Marselis. Jan Maack’s newest design crossbreeds geometric and humanistic forms, creating a freshly dynamic sans serif family. All of the counters in the typeface are open; certain superfluous strokes have been eliminated – there are no spurs on the b or q, for instance.

Many designers chance upon using the same graphic shape for the lowercase ‘a’ and ‘e’ – indeed, the idea seems simple enough: just rotate the form 180° and you should be done! However, almost all attempts at this sort of theoretical simplification fail in practice. With FF Marselis, Jan Maack has found a key to making it work. Rather than whole letterforms, a tear-drop form repeats throughout the alphabet, not only in the bowl of the lowercase ‘a’ or ‘e’, but also in the ‘k’ and the uppercase ‘Q’. Its distinct character makes FF Marselis a perfect choice for today’s corporate and branding projects.

Introductory offer: You can get 50 % off any FF Marselis product (until 31 October 2012).

FF ThreeSixFF ThreeSixFF ThreeSix

FF ThreeSix is a huge experimental optical type system consisting of six typefaces in eight weights, including four additional monospaced weights. It is the result of London-based Paul McNeil’s and Hamish Muir’s attempts to work within the restrictive rules of geometry to generate simple typographic forms emulating traditional type design principles, where a wide range of almost imperceptible compensatory optical tricks are used to create the illusion of evenness in the basic fabric of text.

The award-winning system – ISTD Premier Award and Certificate of Excellence – is based on a grid of 36 unit squares subdivided into 9 units and are constructed using only vertical or horizontal straight lines and circular arcs. Cap-height, x-height, ascent and descent measurements are consistent across all fonts and weights. The grid also determines character and word spacing, with all side-bearings and kerning pair values conforming to 9 unit increments.

As Wim Crouwel notes: ‘It is a fascination for the use of geometric systems in design that has resulted in these remarkable typefaces.’

Updated and extended FontFonts 

FF Chartwell WebFF Chartwell WebFF Chartwell Web

We always strive to give you the best possible solution. That’s why we didn’t make it easy on ourselves when it came to creating FF Chartwell Web. FF Chartwell already pushes the boundaries of OpenType, so when faced with the prospect of massive font file sizes (up to 47000 glyphs) and a lack of OpenType feature support in most web browsers to make FF Chartwell work on the web, we had to think creatively! Not satisfied with simply converting the desktop fonts into web fonts we sought to transform FF Chartwell into something more than just a font. Using some nifty JavaScript tricks you can now breathe life into charts, pies, graphs online.

Introducing FF Chartwell Web. Simple to use and fun to play around with, you can try it for yourself online using our demo.

Free font: For a limited time, you can get your hands on FF Chartwell Web Radar for free.

FF Meta Correspondence

FF Meta CorrespondenceFF Meta Correpondence

Erik Spiekermann’s best-known face is without doubt FF Meta. While it has proven its usability in almost any design task one can think of, its creator realized that it could be improved even more for use in the business world. The main features of the first version of FF Meta Correspondence included tabular figures (instead of oldstyle ones) and increased tracking, yet Spiekermann wanted to go a few steps further and take the typeface to another level.

Now, Erik Spiekermann and the FontFont team changed both proportions and shapes to a more robust style, removed contrast from accents and simplified forms and details to a more screen-friendly appearance. The very well-known lowercase g has been changed to a single-storey one, which is more common within the office environment. Above all, a set of useful arrows, icons, and office dingbats has been added. The resulting design is still FF Meta, but one that breathes Correspondence air.

The simplified forms and the high-quality screen optimization make FF Meta Correspondence a perfect typeface for use as a webfont or within the mobile environment.

New Office and Web FontFonts plus language extensions

Did you know our library contains over 2500 FontFonts? After a FontFont is released, the work doesn’t stop, we continually tinker and update our beloved FontFonts to ensure that they are in tip-top condition and in the most up to date and useable formats. In FF 60, some of our earliest releases such as Just van Rossum’s FF Advert, Ole Schäfer’s FF Zine, and John Critchley’s FF Child’s Play have been brought up to date and now come in Office and Web formats.

All these faces have also been upgraded so that they are now also offered in Pro versions, meaning they now include more Latin-based languages (e.g. Polish, Turkish, Czech).FF Advert

FF Advert/Rough (NEW: Pro | Offc Pro | Web Pro)

FF Atma Serif

FF Atma Serif (NEW: Pro | Offc | Offc Pro | Web | Web Pro)

FF Child's Play 

FF Child’s Play (NEW: Pro | Offc | Offc Pro | Web | Web Pro) FF Cube

FF Cube (NEW: Pro | Offc | Offc Pro | Web | Web Pro)

FF Eureka Mono

FF Eureka Mono (NEW: Offc | Offc Pro | Web | Web Pro)

FF Fago

FF Fago Mono (NEW: Pro | Offc | Offc Pro | Web | Web Pro)

FF Hydra

FF Hydra/Text (NEW: Pro | Offc Pro | Web Pro)

FF Instant

FF Instant Types (NEW: Pro | Offc Pro | Web Pro)

FF Meta Correspondence

FF Meta Correspondence (NEW: Offc Pro | Web Pro)

FF Typestar

FF Typestar (NEW: Pro | Offc Pro | Web Pro)FF Zine

FF Zine Sans/Serif/Slab Display (NEW: Pro | Offc | Offc Pro | Web | Web Pro)