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After three jam-packed months that included another release, a whole host of interviews and numerous in-use cases; the time has come again to announce our ÜberFontFonts (the rising stars of our library) for the previous quarter.

ÜberFontFonts Q3 2012

Our top three ÜberFontFonts are:

FF Strada by Albert Pinggera is a curvaceous and humane sans serif full of versatility. With three sub-families and a number of updates and developments, it is one of our bestsellers and an award winner.

FF Amman, by Yanone, is a bi-script family that supports both Arabic and Latin script. It is one of the largest Arabic–Latin typeface families designed to date, and one of the very few where both the Arabic and the Latin characters were drawn from scratch by the same designer at one time.

FF Pitu is one of our most swashy serifs, with pronounced stroke modulation and blade-shaped stroke endings. Its calligraphic loveliness makes it a beautiful display face. Part of our Collection tier, a selection of cost effective typographical treasures offered as full-families with OpenType feature support, FF Pitu Pro is only €59 for three weights.

Catch up on our ÜberFontFonts from the first and second quarter of 2012.


Faces and characters in our Type Department

 Our Type Department
The FontFont Type Department (l-r: Jens, Andreas, Inka, Christoph)

Have you ever wanted to find out about the faces and characters in our Type Department? In January, for our ‘Not Quite An Annual Report’ we interviewed Andreas, Christoph, Inka and Jens, to find out about their favorite FontFonts, their taste in music and what their biggest challenges last year were. Here’s the interview in full.

Andreas Frohloff | Head of Type Department

  • If you were a FontFont which one would you be and why?

FF Amman because the family is well designed in the sense that it’s not so digital smooth and glossy. The characters of the fonts have character :)

FF Amman

  • What’s your favorite music?

I like a broad range of music e.g. Jethro Tull, Neil Young, Keb’ Mo’ or Norah Jones …

  • What was the biggest challenge for you in 2011?

The biggest challenge was to successfully perform the calligraphy workshops at TYPO London.

Inka Strotmann | Chief Font Technician

  • If you were a FontFont which one would you be and why?

I would be FF Schmalhans Bold. FF Schmalhans is a very condensed typeface with a large x-height and was first drawn in the 70s. Like me, I was born in the 70s. I have wide legs, I am not really fat but I am broad in the beam so I look like condensed bold. Schmalhans is very clear and I am also very straight in the things I like to do.

FF Schmalhans

  • What’s your favorite music?

My favorite band is, for over 20 years now, Current 93.

  • What was the biggest challenge for you in 2011?

I had to draw my first uppercase German double s. It will be interesting to see if this glyph will be used and which form will be the favorite.

My big private event in this year was my first individual time trial. I trained a lot with my triathlon bike to achieve a good result and I was very happy with my time at the end.

Christoph Koeberlin | Font Technician

  • If you were a FontFont which one would you be and why?

FF Quadraat Sans SC Web Pro Condensed Extralight Italic, DirectWrite rendered at 31 px—for obvious reasons!

FF Quadraat Sans

  • What’s your favorite music?

Gebrüder Marx, currently.

  • What was the biggest challenge for you in 2011?

Answering these questions!

Jens Kutilek | Font Technician

  • If you were a FontFont which one would you be and why?

I actually had to ask my wife about this, it’s always hard to compare yourself to something like a typeface … I would be FF Spinoza. At first sight, it looks quite sober and not very fancy, but once you get to know it better, you will discover interesting details and how it can take you a long way. I’m also more book than display type. FF Spinoza

  • What’s your favorite music?

My all-time favorite band has to be The Magnetic Fields, for their stylistic experiments and unparalleled lyrical wit. Earlier this year I kept listening to the various Johnny Cash concerts recorded in prisons. It was fascinating how different the atmosphere and performances were between them.

  • What was the biggest challenge for you in 2011?

To move into a new flat. I had completely forgotten how time-consuming and work-intensive that was.

To see the team in action, check out the following video:


New release: FF53

BERLIN, GERMANY, June 2010 – FSI FontShop International announced the latest additions to its award-winning FontFont® typeface library.

The new FontFonts

FF Amman came into existence as Yanone’s graduation project at Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany. In late 2008, Yanone set out to Amman, the capital of Jordan, following an invitation by Ahmad Humeid from the local design and branding office Syntax. They were to re-brand the capital’s municipality in preparation of Amman’s centennial celebrations.

FF Amman Sans Pro

First and main part of Yanone’s diptychon »Amman The FFilm« about the making of the FF Amman typeface for Jordan’s capital on occasion of its centennial celebrations in 2009. 

Never officially commissioned as a custom typeface, it was rather a birthday present from Syntax and Yanone for Amman, and the perfect university graduation project for Yanone. In the end, the typeface with several typographic novelties has been widely used for all kinds of municipal services in Amman. The family consists of seven sans and four serif weights, each with their true Italics and both Latin and Arabic character sets. It is one of the largest bilingual families ever made, one of the few designed bilingually from scratch and the first containing true Arabic Italics.

FF DIN Round Pro

FF DIN Round — This welcome addition to FontFont’s most popular family brings a softness to FF DIN’s simplicity and industrial sterility. FF DIN Round is more than a “search-and-replace” rounded version of its predecessor. Albert-Jan Pool and his team redrew each letterform to maintain the structure of the original. This ensures FF DIN and FF DIN Round will work well together in logos, slogans, price tags, etc. as compatible parts of advertising campaigns and corporate identities.

FF DIN Round is not only a good companion to FF DIN, its smooth and friendly curves make it work on its own for branding strategies for family cars, bikes, household appliances, sportswear, shoes, or medical products. It’s also very legible on screen.

FF Suhmo Pro

FF Suhmo is inspired by classic Egyptian and typewriter fonts such as Courier and American Typewriter, which feature headline and text use. This impressive duality was Alex Rütten’s guideline for the concept of FF Suhmo. At the same time, many formal details were derived from the typical neon-lettering you can find on aged Italian restaurants in Germany. FF Suhmo has short ascenders and descenders and a generous x-height, making it a good choice for editorial design. It combines simplicity and functionality with playfulness, offering interesting details such as loops and swashes and a slight stroke contrast. Its varied details are unobtrusive in text sizes while developing character and sparkle in headlines.

FF Suhmo’s extensive character set includes numerous special characters and ligatures, several figure sets and small caps throughout all styles. The family consists of 4 weights: Light, Regular, Bold and Black, each with an Italic. The weights were staggered to complement each other within a layout, the Black corresponding to the Regular and the Light corresponding to the Bold weight, allowing words or phrases to be clearly stressed within a text. The Italics are lighter than the Roman and have a relatively slight angle of slope. The forms are derived from a manual writing process and often cross the base-line or the x-height.

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