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More ‘Good News’ From FF Good

Following the latest announcement on the incredible extension of FF Good and FF Good Headline we are pleased to say that it is not the last of the “good news”.

As of now, all FF Good News and FF Good Headline News weights in all widths (formerly known as Book weights and specially drawn for setting newspaper copy) are available for just five of whichever currency you shop in! This makes for a nice incentive to test several widths before deciding on particular widths or even the whole family.

Happy testing!

 FF Good Compressed

FF Good Compressed News & FF Good Headline Compressed News 

FF Good Extra Condensed

FF Good Extra Condensed News & FF Good Headline Extra Condensed News 

FF Good Condensed

FF Good Condensed News & FF Good Headline Condensed News 

FF Good Narrow

FF Good Narrow News & FF Good Headline Narrow News 

FF Good News

FF Good News & FF Good Headline News 

FF Good Wide

FF Good Wide News & FF Good Headline Wide News 

FF Good News Extended

FF Good Extended News & FF Good Headline Extended News 


Currency Changes for British and Australian Customers


We have a great bit of news for all of our British and Australian customers!

Here at we are pleased to announce that we’ve improved our currency system, making it easier to purchase and pay for FontFonts. This means that as of now our Brit and Aussie customers are able to buy our fonts in either Sterling (GBP) or OZ dollars (AUD).

Happy Shopping!