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TDC2 2000: FF Clifford and FF Profile

The judging of the Type Directors Club Type Design Competition 2000 took place in New York City on January 23, 2000, at the School of Visual Arts. The contest was judged by Matthew Carter, Barry Deck, John Hudson and Kathleen Tinkel. Maxim Zhukov chaired the Jury.

One hundred two designers from twenty-four countries participated in the competition. One hundred eighty-five entries competed in five categories: Text designs, Display designs, Text/display type systems, Type superfamilies, and Pi fonts.

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19th International Biennale of Graphic Design Brno 2000: FF Eureka

Peter Biľak’s typeface FF Eureka has won “The Best Design in the Category of Type” at the 19th International Biennale of Graphic Design Brno 2000, Czech Republic. The Brno Biennial showcases the very best of graphic design. It was established in 1963, and is thus the oldest exhibition of graphic design in the world. 

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Critic’s Award in The Big Crit 1998: FF Info and FF Dax

When Critique Magazine called for entries for their annual design contest, FSI rose to the occasion by sending in FF Info and FF Dax as candidates for the typographic category of the competition. The judges for the typographic category included none less than Matthew Carter and Ellen Lupton.

Erik Spiekermann’s FF Info won the award for its ‘personal’ nature, clarity, legibility and simplicity of form – to name only a few of the listed qualities. The judges’ review ended with the statement, “This is a significant design. The world will benefit from this typeface, and designers will put it to good use.”

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U&lc Type Design Competition 1998: FF Clifford

In 1998, the FF Clifford family won first prize in the text font category as well as Best of Show at the First U&lc Type Design Competition in New York. U&lc was a typographic magazine published by ITC until 1999, avidly read by type enthusiasts and sought after by collectors the world over.

Akira Kobayashi about his typeface: “In autumn 1997, I saw an advertisement for a typeface competition organised by U&lc, the graphic magazine published by the ITC. The competition had three categories: Display, Text, and Picture fonts. It was a good oppportunity for me to have my text type design assessed. All of the six variations were reviewed before the submission. I reviewed and revised almost every letter. It took longer than I had first imagined. Eventually the Clifford type received the Best of Category (text) and the Best of Show awards at the same time. In summer 1999, the type was finally published by FSI FontShop International under the name of FF Clifford. The total number of the family is 25, including fonts with lining figures, expert sets, and borders. In 2000, FF Clifford received the TDC2 Certificate of Excellence in Type Design from the Type Directors Club in New York.”

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National Design Award by Slovak Design Centre 1997: FF Eureka

The Národná cena za dizajn (National Design Award) has been awarded every odd year since 1993 by the Slovak Design Centre and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Slovak Republic.

Participation in the competition is open to domestic or foreign designers co-operating with a Slovak manufacturer, to domestic or foreign manufacturers co-operating with a Slovak designer, and to students of design, design studios and clients. An international jury drawn from industrial and graphic designers and specialists assesses contesting works. The National Design Award is the highest form of recognition in this area of creative work.

In 1997 Peter Biľak’s FF Eureka received the National Design Award.

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Morisawa Awards 1993: FF Lancé

Joachim Müller-Lancé received the Gold Prize of the 1993 Morisawa Awards for his FF Lancé type family. Congratulations!

Morisawa Awards 1993

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Morisawa Awards 1990: FF Angie

FF Angie Regular by Jean François Porchez won the Brattinga prize at the 1990 Morisawa awards in Japan, a typeface contest established in 1984 by Morisawa & Company, Tokyo and held every three years until 2002.

Morisawa Awards 1990

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