New Release – FF71

February 10th, 2016

When the FontFont Type Department isn’t busy bringing another new family into the FontFont catalog, it is working at putting polish on, expanding, and completing all the others. Here comes a little bit of everything in the latest update.


New Condensed Weights: FF Mark Condensed

The quintessential German geometric FF Mark® now expands its reach with 20 new corresponding condensed weights. The family extension includes both Roman and italic in all ten corresponding weights, (all but FF Mark®’s ludicrous, single-style Ultra weight). 

 FF Mark Condensed

New Styles Extension: FF Signa Slab Stencil

In addition to the updates to FF Signa™ (Sans), we’re glad to introduce the new FF Signa Slab Stencil variant. The Signa design draws from architectural lettering, and in SansSerif, Slab, and stencil cuts of all three, projects confident air of Danish modernism. 

 FF Signa Slab Stencil

Now with Italics: FF Unit Rounded

Erik Spiekermann’s FF Unit® is FF Meta®’s younger and wiser sibling. It irons out many of the quirks of its predecessor, dialing back the warmth to a comfortable, if a bit cool, room temperature. In FontFont’s latest release, we’re happy to note that FF Unit Rounded is now in possession of a full set of italics. Six weights in all. 

FF Unit Rounded 

New Arabic Type: FF DIN Arabic

Yanone’s FF DIN® Arabic introduces the Pan-European typeface to Eastern markets and cultures. In addition to successfully translating design cues from the original, FF DIN® Arabic spans two widths (a first in Arabic type) and matches the rest of FF DIN weight for weight from thin to black.

 FF DIN Arabic

New Chart Styles: FF Chartwell

Travis Kochel’s FF Chartwell® defies convention. Instead of giving a visual voice to words, the family makes charts out of numbers. Set a few numbers in different colors, enable the ‘discretionary ligatures’ feature, and your data visualization awaits. 13 Chart styles in all.

FF Chartwell