New Release – FF69

May 8th, 2015

Spring is here and so is the first FontFont Release of 2015, the rather wonderful FF 69! 

Read on to find out more about the extensions of type fanatics favorites FF Yoga and FF Mark Ultra, as well new recruits to the type scene, FF Eggo and FF Aad.

New Release: FF Aad

FF Aad is the first typeface to join FontFont from designer Aad van Dommelen, a former type student of Gerrit Noordzij’s at the Royal Academy in The Hague. The modern sans serif with its humanist character has horizontal ending terminals which in turn transforms the negative shape between the letters into an open and simpler forms. Resulting in clean and easy-to-read words.

His five weight family, which includes genuine italics, is both neutral and elegant in appearance making it ideal for a multitude of applications particularly when used for corporate purposes such as annual reports, corporate brochures and branding.

FF AadFF AadFF Aad

New Release: FF Eggo

First up we are proud to introduce FF Eggo. Created by Warsaw based designer Łukasz Dziedzic, FF Eggo came from a request for a script font with multiple weights. Rather than just the classic calligraphy styles, thus allowing the script to have multiple and flexible uses.

Unique characteristics of the font include italics (a real rarity in script form) a thin style reminiscent of a pen or a thin marker, whilst the bolder styles could have been done with a brush or market. However, whilst it takes a step away from a traditional script its uppercase works well both alone and mixed with lowercase characters. 

This is a script typeface that promises not to bore you after one use, with its five weights you can use it again and again, keeping the taste but changing the flavour.

Useful for sign lettering to chalkboards, FF Eggo was designed to be flexible, and it really does what it says on the tin.

FF Eggo

FF Eggo

New Style Extension: FF Mark Ultra

One of our biggest releases of recent years FF Mark by Hannes von Döhren, Christoph Koeberlin and the FontFont Type Department has undergone an extension in the form of an ultra-heavy and strong weight, known as FF Mark Ultra.

Whilst it is based on the characteristics of FF Mark, the new weight FF Mark Ultra required specific designing.  When drawing such extreme weights totally different design solutions are required which meant that the new weight has been created independently but retaining references to the original. Thanks to this new addition the FF Mark family the weight spectrum from hairline to the maximum possible, without loosing character.

The loud and proud weight is ideal for perfect for display settings giving maximum impact in big sizes.

FF Mark UltraFF Mark UltraFF Mark Ultra

New Styles Extension: FF Yoga & FF Yoga Sans

FF Yoga designer Xavier Dupré has taken the popular sans and serif typeface and turned it into quite the superfamily with the addition of Hairline, Thin, Light and Medium weights.

The new members give a fresh look to the family creating further more interesting opportunities for use building on its primary suggested use for book work.

During the process contrast was left in the hairline, which could be argued as not a real hairline, which shows a distinct sensibility for display uses. Whilst a light weight of the regular was created making it suitable for short texts.

FF Yoga

FF YogaFF YogalineFF YogaFF Yoga