New Release - FF67

June 18th, 2014

Summer is well and truly here and so is the new FF67 release!

With the release of FF Franziska by type design newbie Jakob Runge, condensed and Cyrillic extensions for Morten Olsen’s FF Max, two new web friendly designs from FF Mister K designer Julia Sysmäläinen and FontFont’s first icon collection especially designed for user interfaces, this promises to be a good one!

New Release: FF Franziska

Originating from Jakob Runge’s masters thesis at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel, FF Franziska was selected at the first public TypeBoard meeting during TYPO Berlin 2013. Planned as a hybrid of sturdy slab and serif, its regular weight is built to sustain unfavourable circumstances, such as bad printing techniques or low resolution screens. The extreme weights of the family represent the two poles of FF Franziska: the quiet mono-linear and filigree Hairline feels like a pure slab serif, whilst the dark and substantial Black weight comes with the feeling of a serif.

A diverse typeface, its extroverted italic differs itself from the roman by its playful shapes which can often be found in handwriting.

The 20 style family is already proving itself to be an exceptionally useful typographic tool with a pre-release version of the typeface already in use as a text face for the German magazine Zeit and the Swiss printed Bündner Tagblatt among several other publications.

FF Franziska

New Styles and Language Extension:
FF Max Condensed and Cyrillic

Inspired by Aldo Novarese’s Eurostile (1962) but rounder and friendlier in form, Morten Olsen’s humanist sans serif works well as a headline face for both magazines and newspapers whilst also working well in small point sizes. For this latest release Morten substantially extended FF Max’s 18 normal-width styles with 18 condensed styles, all of which now have their own Cyrillic versions. With the new condensed styles the family can now be used for an even wider range of tasks, and the language extension makes it functional for all of our customers who need Cyrillic characters for writing Russian, Bulgarian and other Cyrillic-based languages.

FF Netto Icons UI


New Design: FF Mister K Splendid

Continuing with her use of Kafka’s often ironic literary oeuvre as an inspirational source, FF Mister K designer Julia Sysmäläinen has created two new web friendly designs – FF Mister K Splendid Regular and Light.

“... two friends, one of them blond, resembling Richard Strauss, smiling, reserved, clever; the other dark, correctly dressed, well mannered yet firm, too dainty, lisped; both of them gourmets, kept drinking wine, coffee, beer, brandy, smoked incessantly, one poured for the other …” — Franz Kafka

The two new designs, based on the lively and quirky charms of the two Danish friends as described by Kafka, are both well dressed, well mannered, enjoy the pleasures of life but have their own little faults and exaggerations. Together they make a splendid “semi perfect” typeface duo bringing delight to both large and small screens as well as printed pages.

These two new FF Mister K Splendids are also the first members of the family available as web fonts. While the original FF Mister K’s complex OpenType layout features and large file size make it not yet ready for embedding in websites, FF Mister K Splendid has been designed especially with web use in mind, demonstrating what is possible with today’s webfonts.

FF Mister K Splendid


New Release: FF UI Icons 

For the first time in FontFont history we can announce the release of a collection of specially designed user interface icon sets to create the FF UI Icons pack.

Having researched which icons are most commonly required for user interface design we asked the designers of our most successful FontFont Pi & Symbols families: FF Dingbats 2.0, FF Mister K Dingbats, FF Netto Icons, and FF Transit Pict to draw these 85 icons in their particular design style. Each font from the FF UI Icons pack contains the same set of icons, enabling users to keep one visual style throughout their apps or websites.

FF UI Icons are available in TrueType-flavored OpenType format for desktop and app use and in WOFF/EOT formats for the web.

The collection also features a teaser from the upcoming typeface, FF Comic Jens by Jens Kutilek, who has given us a sample with 85 UI icons from his yet to be released family of casual handwriting fonts.

FF Netto Icons UI