New release: FF54

December 1st, 2010

BERLIN, GERMANY, December 2010 – FSI FontShop International announced the latest additions to its award-winning FontFont® typeface library.

The new FontFonts

FF Basic Gothic

FF Basic Gothic — Due to its popularity online, Verdana has effectively become the basic sans serif. Yet in print it tends to looks too heavy and a little unwieldy. As a response to this FontFont releases FF Basic Gothic. Influenced by the early sans serif typefaces of the 19th century and developed for today’s highest standards, it is a sans serif optimized for maximum legibility. With its functional, basic look, it is willful but pleasant at the same time. Inspired by the unique letter forms of Gill Sans and Antique Olive, designers Hannes von Döhren and Livius Dietzel searched for exceptional yet legible proportions. At the same time, the letters are stripped down to their basic forms, with precise curves and straight lines, making FF Basic Gothic extremely versatile for a multitude of applications.

Their extended weight range makes it interesting for corporate designers; TYPO Berlin 2011 already trusts on FF Basic Gothic (as well as on FF Scala). The type family performs especially well in small sizes, both in print and on the screen – thanks to the hinting experts of the FontFont Type Department.

FF Massive

FF Massive is a typeface system designed by Amsterdam based designer Donald Beekman. With original sketches dating back as far as 2001, FF Massive OT already has a long history and has since been used in many DBXL designs. The typeface is suitable for logos, flyers, posters and magazine headlines. Be it drum’n’bass, techno or trance, FF Massive has a distinct musical background.

With its 2010 release the FF Massive family was expanded with an extra outline version into eight different OpenType fonts, divided in four variations which together form a versatile typographic system. The eight different variations enable the user to compose a number of combinations, which can lead to surprising results, especially when using contrasting colours. The fonts come with a manual explaining how the FF Massive type system is best employed. Enjoy!

New OpenType versions

FF Advert

FF Advert Rough

FF Alega Pro

FF Alega Serif Pro

FF Bau Pro

FF Bradlo Pro

FF Cellini Pro

FF Child's Play OT

FF City Street Type OT

FF Engine OT

FF Hands Pro

FF Fontesque Pro

FF Fontesque Sans Pro

FF Fontesque Text Pro

FF Ginger Pro

FF Marten Pro

New extensions of existing designs

FF Archian OT
new weights

FF Archian Stencil Pro
new family, incl. Cyrillic

FF Dax Pro
new Greek

FF Fontesque Display Pro
new family

FF Good Pro
new weights

FF Good Headline Pro
new family

FF Meta Condensed Pro
new Cyrillic

FF Signa Pro
new Cyrillic

The press release (Word, 31KB) is available for download.