New release: FF51

December 1st, 2009

BERLIN, GERMANY, December 2009 – FSI FontShop International announced the latest additions to its award-winning FontFont® typeface library.

The new FontFonts

FF Yoga Pro
FF Yoga Sans Pro

Xavier Dupré’s FF Yoga family is a type system conceived to work for newspapers and magazines thanks to its strong personality and good legibility. The Serif weights with their sturdy serifs are a good choice for body text, but they also serve as an original headline face with their subtly chiseled counters inspired by blackletters. FF Yoga mixes the harshness of blackletters with the balanced rhythm and round shapes of the Garalde typefaces. FF Yoga Sans is a contemporary alternative to Gill Sans and a sober companion to Yoga Serif.

FF Mister K Dingbats OT

FF Mister K Dingbats are the newcomers to Julia Sysmäläinen’s FF Mister K family, a script typeface based on Franz Kafka’s manuscripts. It started with Finnish illustrator Oili Kokkonen creating some pretty funny cartoon characters using letterforms of FF Mister K Regular. Soon after, the design of almost 600 pictograms was on its way. All are based on glyph parts of the Regular with which they make a very good match.

Latest FontFont Office additions

Besides the CFF (PostScript-flavoured) OpenType FontFonts we are now offering TTF (TrueType-flavoured) OpenType fonts for all those customers who are working with non-OT-savvy applications and therefore can't use the OT layout features such as alternative figures, and Small Caps. The fonts are style-linked, i. e. grouped together under a single item in the font menu. The default figure set is Tabular Figures (TF); Small Caps with Oldstyle Figures (OSF) are separate fonts.

The latest additions to this new category of FontFonts are:

FF Brokenscript Offc

FF Brokenscript Offc by Just van Rossum

FF Enzo Offc

[ Link missing ] by Tobias Kvant

FF Quadraat Offc

FF Quadraat Offc by Fred Smeijers

FF Quadraat Sans Offc

[ Link missing ] by Fred Smeijers

FF Super Grotesk Offc

FF Super Grotesk Offc by Svend Smital

FF Typestar Offc

FF Typestar Offc by Steffen Sauerteig

Both the press release (Word, 24KB) and the overview (as PDF, 141KB) are available for download.