New release: FF45

July 7th, 2008

Each FontFont release is newsworthy in its own right, but there is something especially momentous about this one: four brand new families, each one very different from the others; new styles for three of our most popular typefaces; and a dozen expertly crafted OpenType releases that breathe new life into FontFont classics.

FontFont Release 45

FF Tisa — While earning an MA in Typeface Design at the University of Reading, Slovenian designer Mitja Miklavčič set out to design a softer and a more dynamic version of a slab serif typeface. He succeeded, earning the Type Directors Club’s highest honor: “Certificate of Excellence in Type Design” for 2007. FF Tisa has a tone that suits the casual fare of magazines and advertising as well as the more serious content of newspapers and annual reports. The Pro version adds support for Turkish and Central European languages.

FF Pitu — As an editorial designer, Lukasz Dziedzic often creates new typefaces to fill a need in whatever job is on his desk. This is how FF Pitu was born, a headline face for the Polish weekly “Europa”. With a lowercase that sits somewhere between a Didone italic and a copperplate script, FF Pitu is almost indescribable. Its high contrast and blade-shaped sharp stroke endings are slightly softened by generous calligraphic loops with “foxtail” terminals. The three-weight family includes a set of swash capitals, small caps, decorative ligatures, and CE characters in the Pro version.

FF Cube — Despite its rigid rectangular structure evident on first glance, Jan Maack’s FF Cube is thoughtfully curved and angled in all the right places, helping it work equally well in text as it does in industrial-strength headlines. FF Cube is available in Condensed, Expanded, and Extra Expanded, in addition to its base width.

FF Nuvo — During a stay in Paris, French magazines with their elegant, extravagant appearance inspired [ Link missing ] to create a typeface of his own. FF Nuvo has a soft, calligraphic touch with a set of alternates (a, g, k, s, and y) that offer stylistic versatility. The best way to explore FF Nuvo's form and function is by using one of the full-featured OpenType fonts themselves. FF Nuvo OT Medium is a free download for a limited time.