New FontFont map

May 27th, 2011

Five years ago we made this handy wall map, with the help from our friends at Punchcut. Since then, our library grew further, so we did it again. Welcome the FontFont Map 2011. You will even find FontFonts that have not yet been published, but will be out by the end of this year.

FontFont Map 2011

The FontFont Map sheds new light on the collection, making it easier to find the most suitable face among a cast of thousands. Breaking from the tradition of alphabetical or categorical order, the poster presents the library in an organic, intuitive way. It is a cloud map of typographic forms in which fonts are organized by their visual relationship. The word “Slang” represents the main components of the latin alphabet — uppercase, lowercase, ascender, descender, rounds, and straights. The size of each font sample is relative to the family size. A count of styles and weights is shown in the box next to the font name.

Attendees of the TYPO conference in Berlin received this poster last week, another chance to get one is at the ATypI conference. You can download the PDF here (913 KB) or send us an email with your postal address to get a printed version.