Morisawa Awards 1993: FF Lancé

January 1st, 1993

Joachim Müller-Lancé received the Gold Prize of the 1993 Morisawa Awards for his FF Lancé type family. Congratulations!

Morisawa Awards 1993

The work on FF Lancé began 1983 at design school. Back from an inspiring vacation in Brittany, France, Joachim drew the first characters by hand in type class, for a photography project with pictures from this travel. This was the origin of the medium weight. Ten years later, in Barcelona, he completed the alphabet and added Light and Bold. Lancé was the first typeface he ever digitized, so it was a huge surprise when he won the Morisawa Prize for it. Special thanks go to his friend Katrin Meyer who urged him to submit it to the competition in time. He is also grateful to his type design teacher Christian Megelt for his sense of carefulness even just speaking about character shapes, which made Joachim Müller-Lancé conscious and careful in his designs too. 

All three weights of FF Lancé offer you an alternative lower-case a which is closer to a classically-italic form. There are also three different pictograms, one per weight, representing three indispensible items for sitting in a street cafe, discussing existentialism and watching people. Lancé made them out of parts of the other characters, so they match the style of the entire font family.