Introducing FF Eggo™

May 26th, 2015

FF Eggoline

When Łukasz Dziedzic was asked by a friend and grocer for something script-like to use in his store, the casual, loose calligraphic script that would eventually become FF Eggo came into existence. All five weights have italics – a rare feature for scripts.

lineFF EggolineFF EggolineFF EggolineFF EggolineFF EggolineFF EggoFF Eggoline

A unique characteristic of the type family is that the weights alter the atmosphere of the fonts: the thin style is reminiscent of a pen or a thin marker, whilst the bolder styles seem to have been written with a brush or marker. Another feature that makes FF Eggo stand out among the more traditional scripts is that the uppercase also manages to work perfectly well in all-caps setting.


FF Eggoline

Useful for sign lettering to chalkboards, FF Eggo was designed to be flexible, and it fulfills this purpose admirably.

lineFF EggoFF Eggo