You’re my favorite!

July 19th, 2012

Whether you want to create a wish list of FontFonts, share a selection with a client or simply want to save some font-tastic favorites for viewing later; our faving function makes it exceptionally easy for you to compile and curate your own lists. 

You’re my favourite

Not only can you select single weights but you can also ‘favorite’ whole families. 

Want to find out what we’ve got on our wish lists? We asked some of our team to share theirs …

Fabian’s club promo list is great for anyone with an ear for music and an eye for design, and includes the graffiti-like FF Marker and the hardcore FF Imperial Long Spike.

Lucy’s selection consists of lovely and legible fonts – she uses the word lovely lots and is an avid reader (much to the detriment of her eyesight), so her list is all about FontFonts that are both of those things.

Ivo’s picks are perfect for logos. Spanning the whole spectrum of our library, with classics such as FF You Can Read Me to relative newbies such as FF Ernestine.

Last but not least, check out Christoph’s choices of Ampersands with attitude.

How to make a favorites list

  • Have a browse of our FontFonts
  • Find something you like
  • Then just ‘heart’ the single weight or the entire family and it will be added to your favorites

If you want to share your list with others, you just need to tick the box ‘link is public’ and you can send the link to friends or colleagues. To edit your list you just need to make sure you are signed up for an account on our site.

What’s on your list? Share your favorites with us on Facebook!