Festive FontFont Favorites

December 19th, 2014

In need of a little font inspiration for the festive season? We asked Inka, one of our Font Engineers and Type Designers, to come up with her list of favorite festive FontFonts. Inka talks us through her choices:


FF Acanthus is a beautifully drawn typeface, one that invites you to tell a story. If you look closely in the OpenType features you can even find Rudolph the Reindeer’s nose!

Nexus Italic

FF Nexus Serif is a real hidden gem and the added swash features give it a real festive feel. 


Hans Reichel’s first FontFont, FF Schmalhans is simply splendid. Graceful and space-saving, it’s very legible. Perfect for Christmas Card greetings or a long Christmas wish list. 

Prater Script

FF Prater Script is fresh, jolly and hip.

Kievit Thin

FF Kievit Thin set in large text is a real delight for the eye.

How to compile your own favorites list

  • Browse our FontFonts and find something you like
  • Then just ‘heart’ the single weight or the entire family and it will be added to your favorites

To share your list with others, just tick the box ‘link is public’ and you can send the link to friends or colleagues. To edit your list, you just need to make sure you are signed up for an account on our site.