Erik Spiekermann breathes new life into FF Meta Correspondence

December 3rd, 2012

FF Meta Correspondence changes

Erik Spiekermann’s best-known face is without doubt FF Meta. Released right at the beginning of FontFont, it is still a signature typeface today. Over the past two decades. the FF Meta family has grown to become one of our most popular super families. Back in 1997, following in the footsteps of its grown up sister, we released FF Meta Correspondence, a highly versatile and usable font suitable for the business world.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Erik decided it was time to breathe new life into this underestimated family member and with our latest release FF 60, we are delighted to bring you a new and improved FF Meta Correspondence.FF Meta Correspondence

The key features of the new FF Meta Correspondence are as follows:

Robust and clear 

We’ve changed the proportions and shapes, so that the forms are clearer and the overall shapes are more robust.

We’ve also reduced the contrast of the accents and where necessary have reduced the angle of the inclination. The cedillas have been simplified to create an open form.

Simplified form

We have also simplified the forms and details and taken out the diagonals, so that the typeface is more screen-friendly.

Single-eyed ‘g’

The lowercase g has been changed to a single-eye one, which is more common within the office environment.

More icons

We have added some useful arrows, icons, and office dingbats.

The simplified forms and the high-quality screen optimization make FF Meta Correspondence a perfect typeface for use as a webfont or within the mobile environment.