Danish Design Prize 2002: FF Signa

January 1st, 2002

Category of Best Typeface Design

The jury’s statement: “FF Signa is awarded the Danish Design Prize 2002 in the category of Best Typeface Design as a stylish, distinct and high quality typeface. The quality is consistently present in the individual letters, numbers and other characters and in the many styles that are included in the large Signa family – with FF Signa Correspondence as the latest addition, a digital TrueType font for the PC. The jury wishes to express its admiration for the continuing and consistent development of the typeface.

The digitised version is very well done and works regardless of screen type, which will help secure the future of the typeface. In the detail, the boldface types and the beautiful styling of the numbers are especially convincing. FF Signa wins due to its combination of elegant simplicity and strong character. There is no doubt that the work with the font is based on enthusiasm and an eye for the larger picture, and the jury wishes to commend the graphic craftsmanship that it reflects.”

FF Signa