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Creative Review Type Design Awards 2006: FF Nexus Serif

January 2nd, 2006

In 2006 Martin Majoor’s FF Nexus Serif won the first prize at the Creative Review Type Design Awards in London, in the category Text Families.

Between 1988 and 1994 Martin Majoor designed FF Scala and FF Scala Sans. The idea behind FF Scala was to design a serif, humanistic typeface from which a sans serif version would be derived. Majoor called it: two typefaces, one form principle, and it would become the basis of his type design philosophy. Since FF Scala’s release, the combination of a serif and sans version has proven to be highly successful in corporate, book, and newspaper design.

Ten years later, Majoor has expanded his idea of two typefaces, one form principle into three typefaces, one form principle, with a new family of typefaces as a result. FF Nexus borrows some of its structure from FF Scala, but adds the slab-like FF Nexus Mix and monospaced FF Nexus Typewriter to the set. Its OpenType layout features, such as built-in small caps, alternate glyphs, and optional swash glyphs make it an extremely versatile type system.