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FF Meta Condensed wins at the Modern Cyrillic 2014 Competition

FF Meta Condensed

Towards the end of 2014, FF Meta Condensed was recognized in the Modern Cyrillic Type Design Competition.

FF Meta Condensed is part of Erik Spiekermann’s superfamily FF Meta. One of the foundations of the FontFont library, FF Meta was released back in 1991 and it quickly became one of the most popular typefaces of the computer era. With numerous extensions and companion families, FF Meta is now a highly flexible superfamily. 

The Modern Cyrillic awards are held in memory of two eminent members of the Russian type design community Vladimir Yefimov and Emil Yakupov. This year there were 356 entries from 26 countries.

FF Meta Condensed


FF Franziska wins again

FF Franziska Joseph Binder AwardThere has been a flurry of award wins for FF Franziska recently including the Communication Arts award, an ISTD Certificate of Excellence and now the latest addition to join the trophy cabinet for Jakob Runge’s hybrid of a slab and serif is the Joseph Binder Award.

Founded in 1996, the international competition centres on illustration and graphic design and is named after one of Austria’s most pre-eminent graphic designers, Joseph Binder, who was prolific during the first half of the 20th century.

The awards ceremony took place in Vienna’s MuseumQuartier a couple of weeks ago and FF Franziska was awarded the Gold Prize in the Type Design category. There was a record number of entries this year with over 690 submissions from 29 countries (over twice the number of entrants compared to the previous competition). In total 36 trophies were awarded and a further 43 projects received a recognition.


ISTD Awards 2014

ISTD Awards 2014

A couple of weeks ago, we were invited to attend the International Typographic Awards ceremony in Bexhill hosted by the International Society of Typographic Designers (ISTD). It was a record win for FontFont. Four of our newer typefaces, FF Ernestine by Nina Stössinger, FF Mark by Hannes von Döhren and Christoph Koeberlin, FF Quixo by Frank Grießhammer and FF Antithesis by Yanone, were all awarded a Certificate of Excellence.

The ISTD is an international society whose mission is to raise awareness and interest in all forms of typographic communication. Promoting typographic standards and excellence, their awards are one of the most highly sought after accolades in the industry. Huge congratulations to all our FontFont Designers! 

ISTD Awards 2014ISTD Awards 2014

FF Antithesis by Yanone – The smallest super family ever.

ISTD Awards 2014

FF Ernestine by Nina Stössinger – feminine, but not too girly – charming and sturdy at the same time.

ISTD Awards 2014

FF Mark by Hannes von Döhren and Christoph KoeberlinZe new Germanetric sans.ISTD Awards 2014

FF Quixo by Frank Grießhammeran onomatopoeic typographic exaggeration.


Communication Arts Award for FF Franziska

We are delighted to announce that one of our newest FontFonts, FF Franziska by Jakob Runge, has been included in the prestigious Communication Arts 2015 Typography Annual.

FF Franziska specimen

The latest annual is the fifth edition and 140 winners were picked from over 1,800 entries. This year’s judges included John Clark, Juan Carlos Pagan and Laura Worthington.

Jakob Runge’s typeface FF Franziska started life as his Master’s thesis at Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel, Germany.  A hybrid of a serif and slab serif, it is discreet, functional and modern yet has a real playful personality and is great for body text. Read the full story behind FF Franziska on

Previous FontFont winners of the Communication Arts Typographic Annual include:


FF Dora and FF Quixo in Typographica’s “Favorite Typefaces of 2013”

Here at FontFont we are huge fans of Typographica and so were incredibly flattered to be told that FF Dora and FF Quixo are be included in the new annual as part of their “Our Favorite Typefaces of 2013”!

Priding itself on presenting a thorough overview of the most interesting new typefaces on the market, the annual specialises in covering typographic diversity and the global spread of independent font makers. Now in its eighth year it is not positioned as a competition with a panel of judges. Instead it is made up of reviews from a collection of respected industry professionals who discuss their favourite typeface releases from the last year.

FF Quixo

FF Quixo was enthusiastically reviewed by Rob Saunders, a designer, teacher, publisher, and consultant who runs the Letterform Archive. The brainchild of Frank Grießhammer’s FF Quixo was a result of a graduation project at the Type and Media program at KABK Den Haag. Exploring pointed-pen calligraphy, he decided to take on the style in a more casual manner, interpreting the model with different-sized brushes to create the typeface.

FF Quixo

FF Dora

Reviewed by Tim Brown, Type Manager for Typekit, owner of Nice Web Type and author of Five Simple Steps: Combining Typefaces, FF Dora is described as a serif from a certain contemporary style of serif, which include likeminded predecessors such as Fedra, Dolly, and Elena. Designed by editorial and book designer Slávka Pauliková, it is a strong-willed type family consisting of five styles: Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic, and Display. The distinctive personality of the typeface comes from the main focus of the designer to transform handwritten shapes into a serif text typeface, not a script face.

FF Dora


FF Ernestine and FF Quixo receive Out Of Box Awards

Out of the Box

Following our first ever submission to Out Of Box we are proud to announce that FF Ernestine and FF Quixo have both received awards in the Words category.

The bi-annual, international award aims to show the potential of creative professionals across all areas of visual communication, offering them the opportunity to present themselves to a wider audience and an independent jury.

The competition is aimed at young creatives to already established graphic, web and fashion designers, architects, film producers, artists and also large agencies.

From the panel of seven judges TGG Hafen Senn Stieger co-owner Roland Stieger and Susanne Zippel of Mittelpunkt•Zhongdian were responsible for choosing the type winners.

About FF Ernestine

Created by type designer Nina Stössinger, FF Ernestine was born from the search for a versatile monolinear text typeface whose design could encompass seemingly opposite feelings. Stössinger wanted to develop a solution that would feel warm, but also serious; slightly feminine, but not too swirly-girly – charming and sturdy at the same time.

Ernestine OOBAErnestine Showing

About FF Quixo

FF Quixo is the brainchild of Frank Grießhammer’s graduation project during his time at the Royal Academy of Art, in Den Haag. Exploring pointed-pen calligraphy, he decided to take on the style in a more casual manner, interpreting the model with different-sized brushes.

Quixo OOBAQuixo Showing


FF Quixo and Receive Type Directors Club Recognition

We are excited to announce that the Type Directors Club (TDC) have given both the FF Mark microsite and  Frank Grießhammer’s FF Quixo a  “Certificate of Typographic Excellence” in their categories, with in the Communication Design category and FF Quixo in Typeface Design.


About the TDC Awards

The TDC annual competitions highlight the best in typographic work in both communication and typeface design the world over. To be awarded is considered a prestigious achievement within the typographic industry.

The TDC Typeface Design Competition is the seventeenth annual typeface design competition, where all winners will be included in the Annual of the Type Directors Club, Typography 35. Only 24 entries of nearly 200 submitted from 29 countries were selected by the jury.

Winners of the TDC Communication Design Competition receive the “Certificate of Typographic Excellence” and are included in the Annual of the Type Directors Club, Typography 35, as well as being shown at the 60th Awards Exhibition in New York. 209 entries out of over 2000 entries from 43 countries were selected in this years competition.

Furthermore, all sucessful entries of both competitions will be featured in seven exhibitions touring cities across the United States, Canada, France, England, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Spain, Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

About FF Mark and

Created with versatility in mind, FF Mark was devised by Hannes von Döhren, Christoph Koeberlin and the FontFont Type Department. Breaking from tradition with a family of 10 weights ranging from Hairline to Black FF Marks extreme weights are “engineered” to shine bright in large sizes and middle weights optimized for body copy., which marked the launch of the new typeface, was designed by the FontFont marketing team and developed by Rob Meek. Built with the aim of giving users a better understanding of the typeface the site gives an indepth insight into FF Marks look and feel on and offline, its background, examples and usage suggestions.

MarkAbout FF Quixo

FF Quixo is the brainchild of Frank Grießhammer’s graduation project at the Type and Media program at KABK Den Haag. Exploring pointed-pen calligraphy, he decided to take on the style in a more casual manner, interpreting the model with different-sized brushes.



Communication Arts Award for FF Dora

Seven days into 2014 and we’ve already received an award! 

We are excited to announce that FF Dora by Slávka Pauliková is listed as one of the best Typeface Designs of 2014 in the Communication Arts Typographic Annual 2014 

Showcasing the best in typography, the Communication Arts Typography Annual is judged by three typography experts:  Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich, Sibylle Hagmann and Erik Marinovich. 

Dora CA Award Showings

Originally drawn as a graduation project, FF Dora was designed by editorial and book designer Slávka Pauliková. It is a strong-willed type family consisting of five styles: Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic and Display. Based on a detailed study of todays handwriting styles it focuses on transforming handwritten shapes into a serif text typeface.

As a major competition with around 1800 entrants, inclusion is one of the most-coveted awards in the typographic industry. Receiving recognition for one of our fonts in the 2014 Annual is a great way to start the year!

Previous FontFont winners of the Communication Arts Typographic Annual include:


FF ThreeSix recognised in Typographica’s favourite Typefaces of 2012

FF ThreeSix

Hamish Muir and Paul McNeil’s experimental optical type system FF ThreeSix has been chosen as one of Typographica’s favourite Typefaces of 2012.

FF ThreeSix consists of six typefaces in eight weights, including four additional monospaced weights. It has won a number of awards including the ISTD Premier Award and Certificate of Excellence

FF Scuba by Felix Braden, FF Tisa Sans by Mitja Miklavčič and FF Marselis by Jan Maack were also noted in the honorable mentions list.


TDC 2013: FF Chartwell

FF Chartwell

Travis Kochel’s groundbreaking typeface FF Chartwell that transforms strings of numbers into graphs and charts has been awarded one of the most highly regarded accolades in the typographic world – a ‘Certificate of Excellence in Typeface Design’ by the TDC.

The TDC (Type Directors Club) was founded in 1946 by some of the foremost leaders from the world of typography. Their mission is to support excellence in typography on screen and in print. Each year they run two annual type competitions, one for the use of type in design and the other for typeface design.

FF Chartwell

This year, there were almost 200 entries submitted from 33 countries and only 14 winners, so we are absolutely delighted that FF Chartwell and Travis have been recognized. The winning entries will be presented at the TDC Awards Exhibition in New York this summer. They will also be included in a further 7 exhibitions that will visit the United States, Canada, England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Russia, Spain, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam.

Previous TDC FontFont winners include FF Tundra, FF Absara, FF Clifford, FF Strada, FF Unit, FF Suhmo or FF Profile.