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At Home With: Jörg Hemker

Once again we are in Hamburg, this time at the home of type designer and typography lecturer Jörg Hemker for the most recent instalment of our At Home With’ series.

Seen here in his stylish city apartment we get a real insight into Jörgs world and what makes him tick. Much like his two typefaces, FF Sero (one of our top selling font families) and FF Zwo, Jörgs apartment is contemporary, neat, constructivist and yet functionable. The use of strong colours compliment one another on a background of white simplicity, suggesting an ordered and yet well thoughtout playfulness to this modern living space.

See more on Behance and Flickr. Photography by Max Zerrahn.

At Home With Jörg Hemker 

At Home With Jörg Hemker


At Home With Jörg Hemker

At Home With Jörg HemkerAt Home With Jörg Hemker

FontFonts by Jörg Hemker:





The FontFont year in 2013

In anticipation of the new year ahead we took a quick look back at the year that was.
Our 2013 went a little something like this:
Annual Report 2013

  • Five new staff members came onboard, reaching a combined total of 1271 years in life (and font) experience. 
  • 50% of us favored the humble bicycle as the preferred method of transport, and of the remaining few, 26% opted for public transport with the rest split evenly between foot and car.
  • We clocked up 50000+ work air-miles, traveling across three continents, exploring 12 cities. We shared, watched, listened and learnt a thousand things or two at 12 different conferences and our fonts now support up to 170 languages. 
  • We created three microsites and five print specimens with altogether 10 different pantone colours in total.
  • 580 tweets were typed and we hit the 26846 followers mark.
  • Four new designers joined the family, seven new typeface designs enriched our library, bringing our tally to 171 designers, 399 families and 2588 fonts in total.

To all our designers and friends, thank you for your creativity, support and mutual love for type.

2013 was a great year.

Here is to an even better one for 2014.

January 13th, 2014 Comments

Featured Web FontFonts, January 2014

Erased Tapes - FF Netto Web


FF Netto Web

Based in London, Erased Tapes Records is an independent record label with a specific interest in releasing avant-garde music. With a roster of contemporary classical music composers, including musician of the moment Nils Frahm, Erased Tapes is a melting pot of brilliant innovative and imaginative musicians.

The use of Daniel Utz’s recently revamped FF Netto Web with its revised curves and connections aesthetically brings together this hub of music creativity.

PONS - FF Sero Web is the free online dictionary by Stuttgart based PONS Publishing. Dictionary users can consult 12 million words and phrases in 12 different languages including German, French and Spanish. Jörg Hemker’s FF Sero Web with its legibility of a humanist sans serif typeface, versatility and flexibility fits well within this international reaching site.

Umweltbundesamt - FF Marselis, FF Meta Web and FF Meta Serif Web


Umweltbundesamt (UBA) is Germany’s Federal Environmental Agency. Operating as the country’s main environmental protection agency, the UBA is responsible for providing German citizens with a healthy environment in which to live in. The use of FF Marselis and its humanistic forms for the UBA logo embodies the humanist interests of the agency perfectly. Whilst the use of one of the most popular typeface of the computer era, FF Meta Web and its newer counterpart, FF Meta Serif Web, create a reassuringly familiar yet fresh feel.

January 7th, 2014 Comments

Karbid Book Giveaway

Karbid Book Giveaway

To celebrate the recent release of the book Karbid: Berlin—From Lettering to Type Design, we have 15 copies to giveaway.

To win: send us a picture of a piece of lettering in your city that inspires you.

Email your photo to with your name, city, occupation, delivery address, and the subject title “Letters in my City”. The winners will be selected by Verena Gerlach.

Deadline extended!

Entries close 31st January 2014: 15 winners will receive a copy of the book and submissions will also be featured on our FontFont Flickr page. Winners will be announced on the news page.

Read more about the FF Karbid and the making of the book here.


At Home With: Achaz Reuss

We are in Hamburg and at home with type designer and creative director Achaz Reuss for the latest instalment of our ‘At Home With’ series. He is one design half (alongside Albert-Jan Pool) behind our bestseller FF DIN and is also responsible for one of our recent Über FontFontsFF QType.

In green-scape surrounds, this classic modernist home takes on a quiet elegance and understated design sensibility. The beauty is in the finer details and the arrangement of the space and everything within it. Much like his typefaces, it also encompasses a new kind of traditional – an effortless and royal modern kind.

See more on Behance and Flickr. Photography by Max Zerrahn.

At Home With Achaz ReussAt Home With Achaz ReussAt Home With Achaz ReussAt Home With Achaz ReussAt Home With Achaz ReussAt Home With Achaz Reuss

FontFonts by Achaz Reuss:

FF DIN (co-designed with Albert-Jan Pool)


FF QType

FF QType 




Drip. Splat. Pop. Quixo!

A small glimpse into the creative thinking behind FF Quixo via Frank Grießhammer’s  process book which was also part of his submission to our TypeBoard.

For more on the making of FF Quixo, check out our Behance page.
FF Quixo

FF Quixo

FF Quixo

FF Quixo

FF Quixo

FF Quixo

FF Quixo

FF Quixo

November 27th, 2013 Comments

Featured Web FontFonts, November 2013

November’s roundup of our best Web FontFonts in-use features popular up-and-comer FF Mark alongside resident favorites FF Meta Serif, FF Scuba and FF Kievit.

Bench –  FF Mark & FF Meta Serif

Bench is a new kind of bookkeeper. Ideal for independent businesses, it is a standout in the market as it combines the service of task automation together with an actual accountant or bookkeeper. Simple, strong and contemporary, the versatility of FF Mark combined with the great FF Meta Serif is a terrific pairing for this smart, responsive and modern online business.

SAE IT-systems – FF Scuba

SAE it-systems

SAE IT-systems is one of the leading innovators in the field of substation automation, telecontrol and communal communication in infrastructure applications. Felix Braden’s FF Scuba, a distinctive, clean and flexible contemporary sans, is a fine fit for this community of specialists in energy management.

ADAC Postbus – FF Kievit

ADAC Postbus

Earlier this year German brand powerhouses ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club e.V.) and Deutsche Post joined forces to establish ADAC Postbus. Coined as “the bus for Germany”, the ADAC Postbus site is set in Mike Abbink and Paul van der Laan’s contemporary and timeless FF Kievit which has recently been extended with a Slab version.


Through the eyes of three FontFont Designers: The challenges of designing non-Latin typefaces

The Serebro Nabora type conference took place this past week in Moscow. In the spirit of the event and as part of our recent Cyrillic updates for FF Mister K, FF Mister K Informal, FF Profile and FF Tisa Sans we asked the designers of these typefaces, Mitja Miklavčič, Julia Sysmäläinen and Martin Wenzel, about their experience with non-Latin extensions, as well as the difficulties they faced in these design processes.

FontFont Cyriilics

Creativity and communication is always at the FontFont forefront along with the aim to build typeface collections with different styles and purposes. Cyrillic is one of the most used writing systems in the world and the alphabet has been adapted to write more than 50 languages. Of the many scripts in use around the world today, Cyrillic is probably the closest in appearance and structure to Latin, particularly in the case of upright typefaces. For Mitja Miklavčič, the design process was not significantly different compared with his Latin designs, as in the case of FF Tisa or FF Tisa Sans. “The italics were a bit more demanding to draw, and personally I always find kerning in Cyrillic a bit more challenging, too.”

FF Tisa Sans Cyrillic

FF Tisa Cyrillic

Mitja Miklavčič began the Cyrillic portion of FF Tisa while studying on the MA Type Design course at the University of Reading. “We had some Cyrillic specialists visiting the Department. My initial sketches there were done for the serif part of the FF Tisa family. Although they were over six years old, they were a helpful start for the FF Tisa Sans Cyrillic.”

In contrast to Cyrillic type, Cyrillic handwriting is more abundant in its form variety. Julia Sysmäläinen’s primary challenge while designing FF Mister K Cyrillic and FF Mister K Informal Cyrillic, was how to interpret handwriting typographically. “Like all kinds of handwriting, Cyrillic handwriting can be very expressive. I had to find solutions that suited Franz Kafka’s manuscripts, which were always written in German. For this I studied both historical and contemporary samples of Cyrillic handwriting, asked Russian friends and colleagues to produce samples – and of course, I made many myself. Before 1907, Kafka wrote in a German Kurrent script, and analyzing this was interesting, because some of the letterforms resemble Cyrillic characters. I also found a prominent Russian contemporary with a handwriting style that fits surprisingly well to Kafka’s.”

Julia Sysmäläinen had always planned to make a Cyrillic companion to FF Mister K. “Kafka was strongly attracted to Russia, and he admired Russian writers like Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy and Kropotkin. Soon after the release by FontFont, I made a limited Cyrillic version of FF Mister K Regular to submit to the International Design competition “Modern Cyrillic”, where it received a Certificate of Typographic Excellence. Later, I went at the design more thoroughly, creating extended Cyrillic character sets for both FF Mister K Regular and FF Mister K Informal.”

FF MisterK

FF Profile Cyrillic isn’t Martin Wenzel’s first endeavor into this writing system. “In 1992, FontFont asked me to draw a Cyrillic extension for my FF Marten typeface, which made me look closely at the script for the first time. The end result was no masterpiece, but still a good attempt to apply a simple modular concept to a different script. This was before I even studied Type and Communication Design at the Royal Academy in The Hague. With FF Profile’s Cyrillic, I talked with several designers about the script’s challenges in general, as well as specific letterforms. Over time I’ve consulted various books on the subject and completed my own calligraphic trials, which formed the basis for the structure of each glyph. If you can write it, you can draw it!”

FF Profile Cyrillic CharactersFF Profile Cyrillic

Like Martin Wenzel, Mitja Miklavčič also had professional experience designing Cyrillic typefaces. He has previously worked with noted specialists, such as Maxim Zhukov. “I grew up in the former Yugoslavia, so I learned Cyrillic in primary school. Serbian and Macedonian both use Cyrillic. That might also explain why I’ve decided to draw language-specific forms for those two languages as well. I always consult with any other designers, no matter what type of type design project I work on. A few colleagues have become close friends in the process.”

FF Tisa Sans is unique in that it not only includes support for Balkan languages that use the Cyrillic script, but also many Central Asian languages, like Turkmen and Kazakh as well, which are not frequently a part of many Cyrillic typefaces.

While Martin Wenzel and Mitja Miklavčič are not native readers of the Cyrillic script, Russian is Julia Sysmäläinen’s mother-tongue. “I’m the child of a Russian mother and a Finnish father, so I learned both languages during childhood. As a native reader, you grew up with all kinds of Cyrillic texts accompanying your everyday life, everything from shopping lists to letters, notebooks and advertisements. You get a pretty clear feeling of how far and where you can move away from some kind of norm, without your result looking awkward. If the script is new to you, you run the risk of being overcautious, or making naive mistakes.”

FF MisterK Cyrillic
In terms of OpenType features and character set size, the Cyrillics of FF Mister K are the most ambitious of FontFont’s new Cyrillic releases. “In Kafka’s manuscripts, readability was not a priority,” Julia Sysmäläinen mentions. “I carried this over into FF Mister K Regular as well. In its Cyrillic version, expressiveness and personality are paramount. Its style is easily readable for people who are at home in Russian and other languages with Cyrillic script, because context makes things clear, but it is not for learners of these languages. FF Mister K Informal Cyrillic is much easier to read, just like FF Mister K Informal’s Latin is. In Cyrillic handwriting some characters – especially д and т – can be written in various ways that do not really resemble one another; these forms can even be mixed within a single word.” This lively mixture is part of FF Mister K’s OpenType features, and it harmonizes well with Kafka’s turbulent manuscripts. FF Mister K Informal is more regularized, to stress readability.

As new communication methods continue to bring the world closer together, great typefaces have grown to speak for more languages and writing systems. FF Tisa SansFF Mister K and FF Profile join 30 other typeface families in the FontFont library with Cyrillic support, including FF Dax, FF DIN and FF Meta.


FF Kievit Microsite

As part of our recent FF Kievit Slab release we have created this microsite along with a special print specimen to showcase the new typeface and the rest of the FF Kievit superfamily.

Explore and sample FF Kievit and FF Kievit Slab in full flight at

To see more, go to our Behance page.

FF Kievit Microsite

FF Kievit Microsite

FF Kievit Microsite - iPad

FF Kievit Microsite - iPad

FF Kievit Microsite - Mobile\FF Kievit Microsite - Mobile

FF Kievit Poster


ÜberFontFont FF Sero

Every three months we name our highest climbing fonts in the popularity charts for the past quarter. We call these our ÜberFontFonts.

American Grotesque in form with the legibility of a Humanist Sans, Jörg Hemker’s second FontFont release, FF Sero is the latest chart topping star addition to the ÜberFontFont collection.

Seven years in the making, the striking and classic letterforms beautifully matured into a flexible and versatile typeface containing eight harmonized weights and an extensive character set. Additional language support including Greek and Cyrillic  are also included. The top climber in the popularity font stakes, FF Sero has indeed proven to be every bit worth the while.