Brand-new website

April 4th, 2011

FontShop International re-launched, the online home for the largest library of contemporary type designs. Read more about it in the News.

The new is a complete reconstruction of the digital foundry’s website. Everything is new and enhanced, from the visual design and navigation to the search functionality and shopping experience. But the most radical improvement is in the presentation of the fonts themselves.

Ivo Gabrowitsch, Project Lead and FSI Marketing Director, said,

“At the start of the project we wrote down three goals: easy-to-use, clean, and fast. After ten months of intensive work, this is exactly what the new is about. That and big, gorgeous typefaces, of course.”

Focus on the fonts

Indeed, the typefaces are now the clear focus of the website. Product information, formats, and other secondary details don’t appear until they are useful in the user’s selection process.

This new approach is most obvious at the heart of, the Browse section, where extra large typeface samples appear without superfluous information and distractions. A unique grid layout allows for easy comparison, regardless of browser window size. Users can filter typefaces by Style (such as Blackletter, Script, Serif, Sans, etc.) or Intended Use (such as Advertising, Editorial & Publishing, Wayfinding, etc.) and sort alphabetically, chronologically, or by characteristics like family size and language support. The sample size and text can be customized as well. There is even a white-on-black option for previewing fonts in a reversed setting.

Screenshot Browse section
A unique grid layout allows for easy comparison in the Browse section

At the FontFont family level, the quality of the type is further demonstrated by hundreds of large, full-color sample images and real-world examples of the fonts in use.

More detailed search criteria, such as Designer, Script System (Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, etc.) and relative Weight and Width is available in the Find section. These filters can be combined to pinpoint relevant fonts from the thousands of options available in the FontFont library.

Screenshot Find section
A few of the extensive search options in the Find section

Pleasantly powerful

Despite the power and flexibility of the new, simplicity is key. The site was built to benefit font users of any skill, responding to the needs of beginners and professionals alike. Browsing, searching, and licensing FontFonts is an effortless and enjoyable experience.

In the words of Project Lead at Edenspiekermann, Robert Stulle,

“We wanted to create a tool rather than a website, aiming for a look and feel that engages users to have fun, to explore and compare.”

Beyond beautiful samples and advanced search options, FSI took this relaunch opportunity to optimize the structure of the FontFont library itself. Packaging and pricing are optimized, and format options streamlined. Picking the right FontFont is easier than ever.

The house that Spiekermann built

The new was developed by FontShop co-founder and world-renowned typographer Erik Spiekermann, along with his team at Edenspiekermann in Berlin. As the father of the FontFont library, Spiekermann was eager to rebuild its home that hadn’t seen significant changes in more than a decade. His goal was to refocus on the core principles by which the contemporary library is known.

“This is more than a new site. We’re putting the brand back on its feet. See as many fonts as immediately as possible. Colour only when necessary. No ornaments, no dross, no dribble.”

said Spiekermann.

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