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Web FontFonts now with OpenType Layout Features

Introducing: Web FontFonts with OpenType layout features, streamlined formats and the new and improved Subsetter

We are delighted to announce that our Web FontFonts now include OpenType Layout Features. What’s more we’ve simplified our webfont formats and updated the free Subsetter tool, so you can now customize your Web FontFonts for optimum performance.

OpenType Web Magic 

With OpenType Layout Features, you can spice up your web identity through the magic of ligatures, stylistic alternates, figure sets, fractions, small caps and even swashes (if available in the font). Thanks to a selection of 1,600 Web FontFonts, your typographic toolbox is bigger and better equipped than ever before. With beautifully advanced typographic features that are supported by all desktop browsers (except Safari), OpenType gives you endless opportunities to bring type to life. 

It may seem like an obvious question, but what are OpenType layout features?

Essentially it’s the ‘technology behind good type’. It’s a standard font format that provides you with a typographic toolkit (layout features) to enrich and enhance type. For many years, you could only really use OpenType technology in a few select desktop publishing applications, but the time has come to bring these features to life on the web. 

Up till recently typographic gems such as FF Mister K were not able to function as a Web FontFont, in fact many script fonts wouldn’t work well without OpenType features. However with this latest update, we can now welcome FF Mister K Web to the webfont family. Other FontFonts that have benefited from this update include FF DIN, (you can now use the famous alternative @ sign online) and FF Duper. All FF Duper weights contain three versions of each glyph, which when put into a text the stylistic alternative OpenType feature uses all three alternatives in succession. It treats vowels and consonants separately and even recognizes spaces between words creating a lively and hand-made appearance of the typed text. You can find out which particular features are included in specific fonts on single weights’ OpenType Layout Features tab. 

Web FontFonts with OpenType layout featuresImproved Formats and Subsetting

What’s more, we’ve now streamlined and improved our Web FontFont formats. Now you will receive a single webfont format only — WOFF, which provides the most up-to-date compatibility and includes OpenType features. Using our improved Subsetter website you can customize your Web FontFont to make the files lighter and faster to load and thereby save on bandwidth costs. You can produce Web TTF and EOT formats using Subsetter should you need them (these formats are suitable for older, outdated browsers). However, bear in mind that EOT won’t contain OpenType layout features nor kerning and that whilst TTF contains these features it is only supported by older browsers.

Take a look at Web FontFonts in action on our microsite and watch the video we created in collaboration with Stark Films again.

Want to see what your website looks like with a Web FontFont before you buy? Head to FontShop’s Webfonter.



FontFont to sponsor the 5th Meeting of Typography

5th Meeting of Typography

We are proud to sponsor the 5th Meeting of Typography in Portugal. Taking place in Barcelos in Portugal from 28 – 29 November 2014, the theme for this year is Ubiquitous

With keynote speakers including Gerry Leonidas, Dave Crossland and Miguel Sousa, the four day event brings together industry practitioners, teachers, researchers and students to discuss typographic research and share experiences.

On the 26 – 27 November there will also be a number of workshops taking place, including two on type design, one on Letterpress and Binding and a Typewalk around Barcelos. There will also be an exhibition of rare calligraphy books The Art of Writing in Several Hands from Dino dos Santos’ Collection.


FF Franziska wins again

FF Franziska Joseph Binder AwardThere has been a flurry of award wins for FF Franziska recently including the Communication Arts award, an ISTD Certificate of Excellence and now the latest addition to join the trophy cabinet for Jakob Runge’s hybrid of a slab and serif is the Joseph Binder Award.

Founded in 1996, the international competition centres on illustration and graphic design and is named after one of Austria’s most pre-eminent graphic designers, Joseph Binder, who was prolific during the first half of the 20th century.

The awards ceremony took place in Vienna’s MuseumQuartier a couple of weeks ago and FF Franziska was awarded the Gold Prize in the Type Design category. There was a record number of entries this year with over 690 submissions from 29 countries (over twice the number of entrants compared to the previous competition). In total 36 trophies were awarded and a further 43 projects received a recognition.


FontFont sponsors Typomad 2014


We are delighted to be sponsors of next week’s Typomad conference, which is happening in Madrid from 14 – 15 November 2014. 

This year’s focus is on ‘What is hidden in typography’ with numerous talks, workshops and events taking place around the city.

There are still a few tickets, grab them whilst you can!

November 3rd, 2014 Comments

ISTD Awards 2014

ISTD Awards 2014

A couple of weeks ago, we were invited to attend the International Typographic Awards ceremony in Bexhill hosted by the International Society of Typographic Designers (ISTD). It was a record win for FontFont. Four of our newer typefaces, FF Ernestine by Nina Stössinger, FF Mark by Hannes von Döhren and Christoph Koeberlin, FF Quixo by Frank Grießhammer and FF Antithesis by Yanone, were all awarded a Certificate of Excellence.

The ISTD is an international society whose mission is to raise awareness and interest in all forms of typographic communication. Promoting typographic standards and excellence, their awards are one of the most highly sought after accolades in the industry. Huge congratulations to all our FontFont Designers! 

ISTD Awards 2014ISTD Awards 2014

FF Antithesis by Yanone – The smallest super family ever.

ISTD Awards 2014

FF Ernestine by Nina Stössinger – feminine, but not too girly – charming and sturdy at the same time.

ISTD Awards 2014

FF Mark by Hannes von Döhren and Christoph KoeberlinZe new Germanetric sans.ISTD Awards 2014

FF Quixo by Frank Grießhammeran onomatopoeic typographic exaggeration.


Über FontFont FF Child’s Play

Über FontFonts are typefaces that have been in demand the most during the last three months. 

FF Childs Play

This quarter we welcome FF Child’s Play by John Critchley to the Über FontFont hall of fame. Frozen in time, FF Child’s Play is a collection of unique typefaces that are based on the handwriting of children aged between five and ten years old. Featuring a special dingbat font composed entirely of children’s drawings and a series of paint effects, it’s a firm favorite among children’s authors and illustrators. 

FF Childs Play

Take a look back at all the previous Über FontFonts.


Communication Arts Award for FF Franziska

We are delighted to announce that one of our newest FontFonts, FF Franziska by Jakob Runge, has been included in the prestigious Communication Arts 2015 Typography Annual.

FF Franziska specimen

The latest annual is the fifth edition and 140 winners were picked from over 1,800 entries. This year’s judges included John Clark, Juan Carlos Pagan and Laura Worthington.

Jakob Runge’s typeface FF Franziska started life as his Master’s thesis at Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel, Germany.  A hybrid of a serif and slab serif, it is discreet, functional and modern yet has a real playful personality and is great for body text. Read the full story behind FF Franziska on

Previous FontFont winners of the Communication Arts Typographic Annual include:


ATypI 2014 is here!

ATYPI 2014 Barcelona

We are very excited to be sponsoring the 58th annual Association Typographique Internationale conference.

ATypI 2014 is taking place at the BAU Design College and Museu del Disseny (Design Museum) in the heart of Barcelona from the 17th to 21st September.

The annual conference of the international typographic community aims to bring together typographers, type designers, historians, psychologists, programmers and graphic artists of the like.

This years theme of “Typographic dialogues” invites exploration of the relationships between all aspects of typographic design. With a speaker bill listing a whole range of typographic legends including  Gerard UngerErik van BloklandAlbert-Jan Pool and Fred Smeijers, to name but a few, it looks to be as unmissable as ever!

If you are lucky enough to be attending be sure to keep an eye out for a few familiar FontFont faces dotted about the conference.

You can see the full programme lineup here.




“Hello I am Erik” Book Release

Last week saw the launch of Erik Spiekermann’s first comprehensive visual biography “Hallo ich bin Erik” (available in English and German) at the Gestalten Space in Berlin.

The evening was hosted by both Erik Spiekermann and Johannes Erler, his long time friend and renowned graphic designer who authored the biography which both celebrates and explores Erik’s over 30-year career and body of work. 

Together with Johannes, Erik went over the milestones in his life and offered personal perspectives with selection of success stories and some that weren’t as successful!

You can purchase a copy here; (German) (English)

Spiekermann I am Erik Book ReleaseSpiekermann I am Erik Book ReleaseSpiekermann I am Erik Book ReleaseSpiekermann I am Erik Book ReleaseSpiekermann I am Erik Book ReleaseSpiekermann I am Erik Book ReleaseSpiekermann I am Erik Book ReleaseSpiekermann I am Erik Book ReleaseSpiekermann I am Erik Book ReleaseSpiekermann I am Erik Book ReleaseSpiekermann I am Erik Book Release


FF Franziska Specimen Poster

Our latest specimen further demonstrates the strengths of the increasingly popular typeface FF Franziska.  Designed by our in-house designer Alexander Roth, the two sided poster offers a complete overview of the family’s styles on one side and a piece of artwork on the other. 

The overview includes: A big sample word, a character set extract (both are identical throughout all styles, so you can compare them between each other), an extract of Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travel as sample copy in 12 and 14pt, plus an overview of the symbols that are included in FF Franziska (line thickness of the symbols correspond to the weight of the style).

As one of the most characteristic letters in any typeface, especially in FF Franziska, ‘g’ was the perfect choice of letter to act as the inspiration for the poster artwork.

We will be offering a few lucky font fans the chance to get their hands on one of these in our next FontFont Newsletter. If you haven’t subscribed to it yet you can do so via this link!


FF Franziska Specimen Poster

Above: The colors correspond to the colors of the 'g’ rendered on a screen in 10pt.

FF Franziska Specimen PosterFF Franziska Specimen PosterFF Franziska Specimen PosterFF Franziska Specimen PosterFF Franziska Specimen PosterFF Franziska Specimen PosterFF Franziska Specimen PosterFF Franziska Specimen PosterFF Franziska Specimen PosterFF Franziska Specimen PosterFF Franziska Specimen PosterFF Franziska Specimen PosterFF Franziska Specimen PosterFF Franziska Specimen PosterFF Franziska Specimen Poster

About FF Franziska

Started as a master thesis at Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel (Germany) under the guidance of Albert-Jan Pool and Prof. André Heers in 2012,  Jakob Runge created FF Franziska a robust serif type family for setting body copy as well as headlines using Hairline and Black. The typeface has been conceived as a hybrid of a serif and slab serif which becomes evident when comparing the weights from Hairline to Black. It has a generous x-height and short descenders. The italics have a rather slight angle of slope and playful shapes derived from handwriting. A range of icons including various arrows and signs like thumb up and down complement the usual figure sets, small caps and stylistic alternates.