Multi-User Licence (MUL) and Special Licences

Fonts purchased and downloaded from this site are licensed for the number of users you enter. The basic licence for FontFont typefaces is for 1-5 users, with a multi-user licence (MUL) required thereafter. Ordering online makes licensing easy. MULs are applied automatically when you enter the number of users, and the price adjusts automatically. Please contact us for MULs beyond 1000 users.

With your online order you receive the applicable End User Licence Agreements (EULAs) for the fonts. It is a good idea to read and understand your licence(s) to use the font(s), as use beyond the EULA requires additional licensing. Should you later wish to broaden your licence to allow more users than originally licensed or need a special licence for editable embedding in documents, devices or applications, please contact us.

We also offer Unlimited Licences for an unlimited number of internal users and Non-Affiliate Licences if you want to provide your licensed fonts to external partners such as agencies or service bureaus.