Now for the small print. When you buy a font online you are essentially buying the right to use that font software. Similar to other software packages, fonts are licensed on a per user basis or in the case of web fonts on the average number of monthly page views.

When you purchase a FontFont you agree to the terms as stated in the End User License Agreement (EULA) and will receive a copy of the agreement with the font documentation. The terms of the EULA vary depending on the format of the font that you buy. 

If you purchase a desktop font (such as an OpenType FontFont or Office FontFont) we offer a basic EULA which covers up to five users. If you require a font for more than five users then you will receive a Multi-User Licence Agreement (MUL). The MUL is automatically generated when you order online and enter the number of users, the price also adjusts accordingly. If you would like to buy a font for over 1000 users, please contact us.

There are separate agreements specifically for Web FontFonts and App+ FontFonts.

As with most software, fonts are licensed to individuals and organisations – and our license agreements do not permit the distribution of the font software to third parties.

The full licences can be found below:

If you have specific questions about which license you require or would like to speak to us about special licenses, please do feel free to get in touch.