Depending on the FontFont you chose, there are different levels of language support offered.


Standard language support is available for all of our FontFonts. Standard FontFonts contain all the characters necessary for Western languages, such as English, French, Spanish, and German.

Pro language support is offered for most FontFonts. Pro FontFonts support the same character set as Standard fonts, but also include more Latin-based (e.g. Polish, Turkish, Czech) languages, and sometimes Greek and/or Cyrillic. Some of our Pro fonts support Arabic, Hebrew, and Arminian.

You can search by languages by using our Find function, just type in the language you’re looking for and hey presto the fonts appear.

Find | Search by language

You can also search by script systems and view the supported language in each font by clicking on the blue info button and on the supported languages tab.

Supported languages

If any of the fonts is missing a language you need just contact uswe can make a custom font for you!