FontFont Formats

We offer a range of different formats and how you need to use the font will determine which particular format you require.

OpenType (.otf)

Our OpenType FontFonts are:

  • Best suited for use with desktop publishing software (e.g. InDesign)
  • Compatible across platforms (Mac and Windows)
  • Full of OpenType layout features
  • Compatible with print workflows

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 Features & Benefits

Our OpenType FontFonts (with the file extension .otf) are best suited for use with desktop publishing software such as Adobe Creative Suite or QuarkXPres and work across platforms (i.e. Mac and Windows) and compatible with print workflows. 

Using OpenType layout features you can bring typographical finesse to your work with functions such as small capitals, ligatures, alternate glyphs, different figures sets, and swashes. Click on the blue info button on each font to find out what OpenType features are available.

The outline format is CFF (Compact Font Format), i. e. the fonts are PostScript-flavoured.

OpenType FontFonts are licensed by the number of concurrent users. Find out more about the wonderful world of OpenType features in our user guide.

Office FontFonts (.ttf)

Our Office FontFonts are:

  • Best suited for use with Microsoft Office software
  • Grouped together under one item in the font menu for ease of use (style-linked)
  • Provide tabular lining figures 
  • Small caps with oldstyle figures may also be available

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 Features & Benefits

As Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel etc.) does not support all the OpenType layout features of FontFonts, we offer the Office FontFont format (with the extension .ttf).

The main benefits of Office FontFonts are:

  • They are style-linked (i.e. grouped together under one item in the font menu), so you can use the shortcuts and toolbars to switch the font to bold and italic.
  • They have been screen-optimized for all Microsoft Windows systems (with ClearType).
  • Tabular lining figures are available and small caps with proportional oldstyle figures also may be available, but these come as separate fonts.

Unlike our OpenType FontFonts, Office FontFonts do not contain any layout features.

The outline format is TTF (TrueType).

Office FontFonts are licensed by the number of concurrent users.

Web FontFonts (.woff)

Our Web FontFonts:

  • Have been optimized exclusively for use on the web
  • Can be self-hosted or you can host them on Typekit
  • Are licensed based on the average monthly pageviews of all of your websites
  • Only require a one-off fee, you dont pay for them monthly

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 Features & Benefits

Our Web FontFonts have been optimized for use exclusively on web pages. They come in the WOFF format and are supported by the most common web browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Operaas well as the most important mobile browser apps.

Web FontFonts are licensed based on the average monthly pageviews of all websites managed by the licensing organization on which the fonts are used.

Since November 2014, most Web FontFonts include OpenType features.

If you buy Web FontFonts from us you have the option to either self-host them or use the webfont service Typekit

Through our partnership with Typekit you can add your Web FontFonts to their free Trial account. Once you’ve purchased the fonts you will find a link on your order page. All you need to do is click on the link to send your license and fonts to Typekit, then follow their instructions to add a single line of code to your site and your fonts will be added immediately. Typekit’s free Trial account has certain limitations. Hosting your Web FontFonts through Typekit is purely optional.

Handy free tools

Want to try before you buy? With WebFonter, you can transform the fonts on a website into Web FontFonts to see what they’ll look like. Using Subsetter not only you can drastically reduce the file sizes and customize your Web FontFonts in three easy steps but you can convert your WOFF font to webfont formats that are compatible with older browsers.

Some handy hints and tips can also be found in our Web FontFont User Guide.

Introducing App+

Easy licensing for mobile apps and editable documents

App+ FontFonts:

  • Are suitable for embedding in apps and editable documents.
  • Contain TrueType FontFonts.
  • Are licensed on a yearly basis starting from 1 year.

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 Features & Benefits

App+ FontFonts can be embedded in all apps and documents.

You will receive either an Office (Offc) FontFont or an OpenType (OT) FontFont.

App+ FontFonts are licensed by years, not users, and the basic App+ license is valid for one year.

With App+ you don’t need to buy a license for every app or document, the one App+ license will cover them all. The license will also cover the respective Office, OpenType or Webfont versions if you have purchased them, too.

Please refer to the License Agreement and Appendix A (which can be found in the download archive of your font files) for more information.

 App+ for eBooks

Both OpenType (OT) and Office (Offc) FontFonts are suitable for use in eBooks, and the standard license allows you to embed FontFonts in eBooks as long as

  • the font format is OpenType or Office;
  • the eBook is published in one of the following formats:
    • epub 3 with font obfuscation switched on,
    • KF8 (for Kindle Fire),
    • iBooks (on iPhone and iPad) or
    • PDF,
  • and the fonts are subsetted (e. g. by using the FontFont Subsetter).

If you are going to embed the FontFont in a different eBook format or if you don’t subset your font file, you will need an App+ License.