FF Unit

FF Unit was designed by Erik Spiekermann and produced by Christian Schwartz. FF Unit is the grown-up, no-nonsense sister of Spiekermann’s famous FF Meta—in FF Unit, all of the puppy fat is off; some curves have been flattened out, and the letters’ shapes are tighter.

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  • 2004 TDC2

  • Black on white
  • White on black
  • Choose sample size: small
  • Choose sample size: medium
  • Choose sample size: big
  • Choose sample size: fit to width
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Regular Regular Italic
FF Unit Thin
FF Unit Thin Italic
FF Unit Light
FF Unit Light Italic
Regular (Normal)
FF Unit Regular
FF Unit Regular Italic
FF Unit Medium
FF Unit Medium Italic
FF Unit Bold
FF Unit Bold Italic
FF Unit Black
FF Unit Black Italic
FF Unit Ultra
FF Unit Ultra Italic