FF Suhmo

FF Suhmo is inspired by classic slab serif types, as well as by typewriter faces, like Courier and American Typewriter. All of these typefaces are used simultaneously now for text and headline use. Alex Rütten pulled this duality into FF Suhmo, too. But those weren’t the only influences behind th... Read more


  • 2011 TDC2

  • Black on white
  • White on black
  • Choose sample size: small
  • Choose sample size: medium
  • Choose sample size: big
  • Choose sample size: fit to width
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Regular Regular Italic
FF Suhmo Light
FF Suhmo Light Italic
Regular (Normal)
FF Suhmo Regular
FF Suhmo Regular Italic
FF Suhmo Bold
FF Suhmo Bold Italic
FF Suhmo Black
FF Suhmo Black Italic