FF Sero

FF Sero combines the striking forms of an American Grotesque with the legibility of a Humanist sans serif typeface. It has open contours, a distinct x-height and a homogeneous grey scale value. During the seven years of development the classic letterforms have matured and turned into a balanced, ... Read more


  • 2011 CommArts

  • Black on white
  • White on black
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Regular Regular Italic
FF Sero Thin
FF Sero Thin Italic
Extra Light
FF Sero Extra Light
FF Sero Extra Light Italic
FF Sero Light
FF Sero Light Italic
Regular (Normal)
FF Sero Regular
FF Sero Regular Italic
FF Sero Medium
FF Sero Medium Italic
FF Sero Bold
FF Sero Bold Italic
FF Sero Black
FF Sero Black Italic