FF QType

As a typeface based on a square, FF QType successfully straddles the difficult line between pure geometry and legibility. Achaz Reuss used his years of type design experience to flesh out a concept that would be, in the hands of a student or amateur, much less useful. The family consists of five ... Read more

  • Black on white
  • White on black
  • Choose sample size: small
  • Choose sample size: medium
  • Choose sample size: big
  • Choose sample size: fit to width
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Compressed Condensed Regular Wide Expanded
Extra Light
FF QType Compressed Extra Light
FF QType Condensed Extra Light
FF QType Square Extra Light
FF QType Semi Extended Extra Light
FF QType Extended Extra Light
FF QType Compressed Light
FF QType Condensed Light
FF QType Square Light
FF QType Semi Extended Light
FF QType Extended Light
FF QType Compressed Book
FF QType Condensed Book
FF QType Square Book
FF QType Semi Extended Book
FF QType Extended Book
FF QType Compressed Medium
FF QType Condensed Medium
FF QType Square Medium
FF QType Semi Extended Medium
FF QType Extended Medium
FF QType Compressed Bold
FF QType Condensed Bold
FF QType Square Bold
FF QType Semi Extended Bold
FF QType Extended Bold
FF QType Square Black