FF Kievit

The initial work on FF Kievit began in 1995, as part of a school project. The concept was finished several years later for a corporate client of Method Inc., a design firm in San Francisco. The openness of the characters and their proportions makes it an ideal typeface for use in small print. The... Read more


  • 2001 Bukva:raz
  • 2001 ISTD

Explore and sample FF Kievit and FF Kievit Slab in full flight at www.ffkievit.com.

  • Black on white
  • White on black
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Regular Regular Italic
FF Kievit Thin
FF Kievit Thin Italic
Extra Light
FF Kievit Extra Light
FF Kievit Extra Light Italic
FF Kievit Light
FF Kievit Light Italic
Regular (Normal)
FF Kievit Regular
FF Kievit Regular Italic
FF Kievit Book
FF Kievit Book Italic
FF Kievit Medium
FF Kievit Medium Italic
FF Kievit Bold
FF Kievit Bold Italic
Extra Bold
FF Kievit Extra Bold
FF Kievit Extra Bold Italic
FF Kievit Black
FF Kievit Black Italic