FF Chartwell

FF Chartwell, designed by Travis Kochel, is a typeface for creating simple graphs.

Driven by the frustration of creating graphs within design applications and inspired by typefaces such as FF Beowolf and FF PicLig, Travis saw an opportunity to take advantage of OpenType technology to sim... Read more


  • 2011 CommArts
  • 2011 Letter.2
  • 2011 Typographica
  • 2012 Information is Beautiful Award
  • 2012 Fast Company Innovation By Design Award
  • 2013 D&AD Professional Awards In Book

We highly recommend to read How to use FF Chartwell before you buy your license (this tutorial includes a free webfont!).

  • Black on white
  • White on black
  • Choose sample size: small
  • Choose sample size: medium
  • Choose sample size: big
  • Choose sample size: fit to width
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