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FF Sero at the FontBookFF Sero on the FontBook app

If typography were a religion, this would be the Bible. FontBook is the world’s most comprehensive typographic reference tool, documenting the libraries of over 130 international type foundries who publish the works of more than 1,660 type designers. FontBook App covers nearly 37,000 typefaces from 8,000+ font families.

Featuring the whole FontFont library and over 730,000 typeface examples, the app allows you to search, compare and combine samples, such as FF Meta and FF DIN, like a typographic atlas. With the brand new iPhone version you can focus your search with new filters and lists, whilst the iPad version offers the opportunity to browse and play. Since its inception in 2011, the FontBook app has won numerous awards including Apple iTunes Rewind, Top App ‹Reference Category› (2011), Communication Arts “Best Interactive of the Year” (2012), TDC award “Communication Design” (2012), Communication Arts “Best Typography of the Year” (2012) and the Red Dot Award Communication Design Grand Prix (2012).

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