Val Fullard

“I think I’m at my happiest when I’m somewhere hot – preferably with big ocean waves undulating on a torrid beach and some cheesy mariachi band playing stage left. I love that Latin flavor, the tiled roofs, the courtyard fountains, the amazing food, and of course the margueritas. I had just come back from Mexico one February, all too soon, when I got a call to design a logo for a recording studio in Long Beach, CA. The name of the place was Mambo, and that's basically how the typeface came about. I created a logotype, in spirally, zig-zagging letterforms, and just continued working until I had an entire alphabet. The dingbats, to me were the most fun. It’s like creating your own little utopia, where you get to have whatever you want. An armadillo, a guitar, a coyote, some cactus – how a... Read more

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