Joan Carles Pérez Casasín

Joanca leads Base's type department BaseLab, spending his days immersed in the joys and nuance and of typeface design. Following freelance experience and a stint with his own company Typerware, he joined Base in 2003 as graphic designer specialized in typography. As word got out among the Base studios, Joanca was soon in-demand as a typography consultant and designer. 2006 saw the founding of BaseLab, a typography division based around Joanca's talents in typography and as a programmer of simple design-related applications. Lab was soon creating custom typefaces for Base clients — BeTV, San Francisco Art Institute, Kipling, and Cinematek — as well as for external clients, including Transport Public of Genève, Sid Lee agency and Societé de Transport de Montréal. He has taught typography ... Read more

FontFonts designed by Joan Carles Pérez Casasín