Fred Smeijers

Fred Smeijers is a type designer who specializes in typographic research and development for product manufacturers. Among his typeface designs are FF Quadraat and FF Quadraat Sans, TEFF Renard, and the typefaces published by OurType: Arnhem, Custodia, Fresco, Monitor, Sansa and Ludwig.

Born in The Netherlands, Smeijers studied graphic design at the Academy of Art in Arnhem. His first practice came in the mid-1980s with the firm of Océ, just then entering the field of typography with laser printers. This set the pattern for Smeijers's long engagement with type design in its most functional applications, as part of product design. After five years he left to work in graphic design, helping to establish the group Quadraat (in Arnhem). The name of the design group was also given to... Read more

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