Aad van Dommelen

Aad van Dommelen was one of Gerrit Noordzij’s type students at the Royal Academy in The Hague, where he studied from 1975 to 1980. After his studies he focused on corporate design as the creative director of three renowned Dutch agencies – respectively Vorm Vijf, Proforma and Total Design/Total Identity. He developed identity programs for numerous large and medium large Dutch, Korean and international organizations. From 1988 to 2010 he also taught graphic design and typography at the Royal Academy.
He started developing complete (corporate) typefaces relatively late in his career, in 2000, for companies like Total Identity, Stern Auto, Hyundai Card, Daum Communications, Heungkuk Life Insurance, Total Impact Seoul, JTBC, LG Corp, Gaffel Becker & Co. Now he works from his own studio,... Read more

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